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[SPOILERS] Star Wars: Episode IX "The Rise of Skywalker" Discussion

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Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Discussion Thread

As these now go, anything mentioned in these threads, regardless of being a spoiler must be titled as a spoiler and within a spoiler tag because that's how it works now, if you have a problem with it then don't comment on the thread. Reminder that even fake spoilers will get you banned ingame for 3 weeks and from the forums for 3 Months (yes I upped it.)

To begin,
I genuinely enjoyed the film, it did have some short comings such as the whole "Why did they bring horses to a space battle?" and "How can Palpatine's lightning kill an entire fleet but cant break her lightsaber?" but overall I actually enjoyed it and think it was a good ending to the Skywalker saga. Yes it was a bit cheesey here and there, but what Star Wars film isn't? It had some good visuals and I can agree it was rushes some parts, but that's only because The Last Jedi was so slow and they needed to pick the pace of this film up so drastically.

The film, visually was good for me, the effects, the acting and the whole vibe of the film were good for me, the cinematography gave me a small headache but that's because of where I was seated in the theatre and all the close ups they did. The puppets and the animals in the film were all done perfectly, no faults honestly.

For me, the film is a 9/10, even with its short comings.

Some interesting things were.

- Rey Palpatine, that was a cool thing and, as much as it got leaked, felt legit, Palpatine probably DID have a son and he probably didn't want his Daughter becoming the most powerful Sith Lord of all time.
- The Sith planet and all the Sith (I assume) being on the planet after their deaths and helping Palpatine with the fleet and the Sith magic that came from it.
- We get to see Rey's parents which is interesting since we now know that Palpatine at least had a son.
- The Sith Troopers aren't actually elite which is interesting, they're just Palpatine's version of Stormtroopers.
- The undead Palpatine was something else, the fact that Sith magic and that machine kept him alive was a cool touch, even if I'd prefer if he was just f**king dead.
- Secret compartment on the Death Star in the throne room @KingPommes (make it happen dog).
- Luke training Leia was cool, which also explains where her power comes from.
- Kylo Ren dying and Ben Solo coming back only to die.
- Ben Solo absolutely f**kING on the Knight's of Ren, which was a cool little scene.
- Palpatine using force lightning to take down nearly an entire goddamn fleet.
- The Sith Fleet having galaxy guns on each SD.
- You can actually see Zeb (from Star Wars Rebels) in the back at the end of the film hugging someone, on top of that, you see the Ghost (their ship) flying around during the battle and landing at the end.
- The "Rey Skywalker" thing was a bit cringey but whatever, its a Star Wars movie, burying their lightsabers under Luke's house was really touching and something I personally liked.
- Rey has a yellow/orange lightsaber signifying that she's going to be a Jedi Sentinel and hopefully go on to rebuild the Jedi order.
- All the Jedi being 'with Rey' was so cool, you heard so many different voices, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Aayla Secura, Kanan, Ezra, Mace Windu, Qui-Gonn and others that I couldn't really make out.

I probably missed a few things considering I didn't take a notepad and pen, but that's all I saw.

Thanks for joining into the discussion :).


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So I have a lot to say...

I really did not like this film alot... Its the best of the sequel trilogy, albeit that doesn't say alot as the only thing I class on their level is the Phantom Menace.

This film held an interesting concept, and felt a bit more standalone that a part of the trilogy which I think was good if anything.

Moving on to the actual events of the movie and how I feel about them.

  • Palpatine's Inclusion

Palpatine being included to me felt really wrong in the build up to the film and seemed really idiotic, however, having seen the film I think it was done somewhat acceptably. At least while seeming all powerful, he has clearly suffered a lot from his death, and is not what he once was, not that he is worse for wear so to say, but he has clearly been resurrected, as opposed to just surviving which was how I was expecting it. Overall this was an annoying but thought out inclusion.

  • Leia being a Jedi

Leia being a Jedi does not sit well with me at all. It didn't sit well with me when she used the force in TLJ, and it doesn't sit well with me now. It seems as though it was forced and just included for the sake of giving Rey a master, which albeit was needed, but could have been done better. I think this could have been significantly improved rather than taking a character like Leia and completely changing her and how the series works with her. And ultimately I think she should have been killed off the TLJ, rather than recreating Carrie Fisher, while its nice to see her, she is unfortunately gone and I feel the movies should accept that.

  • Leia's Death

I think this was one of the better things. At least we know when they make a new series which as much as they say this is the end of the skywalker saga, lets be honestly, its a lot of money there that they will capitalize on.

  • The Final Order

The Final Order was a cool concept and when the fleet was revealed gave me some hard Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales vibes. As a whole it seemed cool that it existed but really felt like it wasn't necessary. It just lead to our big opposition for the last 2 movies being ignored for half the movie, and ultimately still existing...

  • Hux being a spy

This felt completely justified and well used, it really feels like something I could see his character doing, albeit I'm glad it wasn't overused in the movie and he was quickly killed off.

  • Rey being a Palpatine

Obviously one of the biggest questions of the trilogy answered, this made for a surprise, albeit a questionable one. I really dislike this and liked it more when she was the daughter of some randoms, but I guess to a degree it explains her power. But the real question this bring up, is was Palpy out here gettin some on the daily, lmao. Honestly was a fine answer but I don't really like it, feels kind of forced.

  • Small points not warranting a whole portion

Finn becoming a General - Can an honorary General even promote someone straight to General? or promote someone at all? seems odd if you ask me

JJ. Abrams being back - Loved having JJ back, so much better than Rian...

Horse on a Star Destroyer - Horses are notoriously bad at running on flat surfaces, doesn't seem a very good inclusion, and further, why did they have the horses, like wasn't the plan for the ground forces to attack the tower, not the Star Destroyer

Overall the movie could have been worse, but I'm not a fan either...

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51 minutes ago, Sparx said:
  • Leia being a Jedi

    Leia being a Jedi does not sit well with me at all. It didn't sit well with me when she used the force in TLJ, and it doesn't sit well with me now. It seems as though it was forced and just included for the sake of giving Rey a master, which albeit was needed, but could have been done better. I think this could have been significantly improved rather than taking a character like Leia and completely changing her and how the series works with her. And ultimately I think she should have been killed off the TLJ, rather than recreating Carrie Fisher, while its nice to see her, she is unfortunately gone and I feel the movies should accept that.


I disagree with you in essence because Leia became a Jedi in the EU (sort of), however, I do agree with the death of Leia, they should’ve started the film with her funeral imo.

Rest of the stuff you said was pretty well agreed with by me, but they didn’t kill the movie for me.

It also seems I’m unable to close your spoiler since I’m on my phone, it shouldn’t mess anything up for anyone because you’d have to be stupid to click on a discussion thread not expecting spoilers.

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I think it was a pretty good film that had many suspenseful and tense scenes. In my opinion, I would rate it a 7.5/10. However, I believe it was a bit too informative and has too much information to process in just one episode. Perhaps they could lead this on in the coming episodes, but In my opinion, the producers could have explained partially or even introduce a few hints that Rey was a Palpatine possibly from force visions or Luke gives a hint to it before she leaves him on the island (I forgot the name lmao) with Porgs.


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6 hours ago, Bailey said:
  Reveal hidden contents

I disagree with you in essence because Leia became a Jedi in the EU (sort of), however, I do agree with the death of Leia, they should’ve started the film with her funeral imo.

Rest of the stuff you said was pretty well agreed with by me, but they didn’t kill the movie for me.

It also seems I’m unable to close your spoiler since I’m on my phone, it shouldn’t mess anything up for anyone because you’d have to be stupid to click on a discussion thread not expecting spoilers.


Fair, never really read into the EU, if that happened then I guess its not as bad, albeit something that I still dislike but eh.


Also the comment I forgot to make

  • C3PO losing his memory and the idiocy of the suspense

So this whole seen seems so backwards. How on earth can a black market droidsmith not backup memory which is obviously the whole backing to any amount of suspense, it just seems really stupid... and it was such a predictable situation when they restore his memory.


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I gotta agree with everyone above, it's a solid 7.5/10 for me. Movie was fine, it wasn't as bad a TLJ in my opinion, however there were some weird dents here and there. 

Most of what I'm going to say is my subjective opinion.

I personally didn't like how rushed it felt at the start, however I can understand why they did it.

I disliked Leia's death scene. It felt out of place. But, the Han Solo scene was actually rather powerful in my opinion. The fact that the cinematography was essentially a recreation of his death scene in The Force Awakens, evident to how Ben Solo holds his saber. Instead of igniting it, however, he chooses to throw away his darkside.

They killed off Hux way too quickly, which made me sad. It was such a rushed thing. "I am the spy", next minute he's shot in the chest by Pryde. They could've done a lot more with the character.

Also, speaking of Pryde, I actually really liked his character. An officer holding the rank of Allegiant General, and eventually taking control of the Sith Fleet after Kylo Ren died. They didn't really explain it enough, but I thought that it was cool that Pryde used to serve in the Empire. His death was also probably one of the most awesome deaths. Just stood there and took the explosion like a boss.

The Sith Fleet was epic. Full stop. I loved the miniature Death Stars they had on every one of them. The highlight for me though, was a Sith crew. I don't know what it is, but I just loved the look of them. The Sith gunners and crewman, and the Sith naval officer. If you actually look carefully, the Sith Naval Captain had an Imperial Captain rank plaque on her, which I thought was a great touch.

There were some odd things about the Final Order Fleet though, such as how did Palpatine get that many crew members? (Clones??) And how did they all stay in-line and have a proper command structure? Also the resurgent-class star destroyer was the command ship for the entire fleet? That was fine I suppose, but I wish there was something else as the command ship. (The Eclipse)

They sort of threw away Snoke as a character. It's like Disney realized how bad of a character he was and chose to dump him. It was fine I guess, Snoke was created in an evil sith lab by Palpatine.

Sith Troopers were overly marketed. I thought they would be an elite squad. But no, they're just stormtroopers assigned to the Final Order Sith Fleet.

Chewie gets a medal, holy sh*t, that made me smile.

Rey Skywalker was cringe as. I would have liked the movie FAR better if Rey had died and Ben survived and rebuilt the Jedi Order. Would make more sense, Rey was a Palpatine. Ben was a Solo, which means he's also a Skywalker. The Rise of Skywalker. The Rise of Ben Solo from the darkside.

I understand why Rey was able to overpower Palpatine. I liked the part where all the Jedi reached out to her. But I'm not a big fan of the way Palpatine died.

Ben and Rey kissed. Rey is a Palpatine. Ben is a Skywalker. Palpatine conceived Anakin with the force. Palpatine is Anakin's father. Palpatine is Ben's great grandfather. Palpatine is Rey's grandfather. I see an issue here. 

Also I spotted a lovely gay couple at the ending scene. Not gonna comment on that one because I KNOW that there will be controversy surrounding that.

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I rate it a 7.5/10 



Lukes green lightsaber shown and the training of Leia 

The saber fights were decent at best 

Kylo ren is now somewhat scary even though he was like " I was stabbed with splinter I die now" 

and all the prequel Jedi (Yes I know some were from rebels) talking to rey

The main thing I didnt get was that in the scene with all the ships that come to help at the final battle, there were so many old capital ships like MC80, I saw about 4 MC 80 at once so why did the reistance not use these before and the other large amount of capitol ships with weapons 



Politcal agenda was pushed at the end 

Everyone has the force now , Finn Han 

They steal so many Ideas from legends -Palpatine Clones- Secret Fleet in unkown regions-etc

They steal many theories from fanes -reys doublebladed lightsaber-REY BEING f**kING RELATED TO PALPATINE WAS SO BLATANTLY STOLEN FROM FANSNSNSNS AGAHGHAAHGAH



If you want to good adventure and story go check out the Bibleman vs ISB Comic: Read Chapters 1-3 on random dicussions and more chapters are being made


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I'm still processing it, but I'm leaning on the side of thoroughly enjoying it, but with many gripes. Warning, this discussion/review is long-winded and passionate, and took me far too long to write.

The visuals and sound design are perfect, which is usual for a Star Wars movie. However for whatever reason young Leia's face is a challenge to recreate digitally, as the young Leia shown in the flashback training with Luke looked like crap; young Luke looked distractedly better. John Williams' music was incredible, as it always is, and his rendition of Anakin's death theme and Leia's theme made me well up (had to shove those feels back down though since I was with a friend). Carrie Fisher was used beautifully and very respectfully in this movie and Leia's role in the film is beyond perfect: projecting Han Solo to his son, allowing Ben to finally properly grieve for his father and turn his back on the dark side, and fueling Rey to defeat Palpatine. On that topic, Rey's sacrifice through channeling the Force energy from past Jedi to refuel her life force and defeat Palpatine was not only a proper ending for Palpatine, the most powerful dark side Force user ever, but for the saga as a whole.

Rey had the most amount of character development she has ever had in this movie, which is refreshing. Kylo Ren/Ben Solo was handled perfectly, having properly grown up from an angry whiny kid (similarly to Anakin) into a character we can satisfyingly root for when he finally overcomes his confliction between the light and dark side, and him fulfilling the Chosen One's prophecy after nine films of lead-up was handled beautifully. Poe, Finn, Chewbacca and the new characters, Zorri Bliss and Jannah have well-written roles and necessary contributions to the plot. C-3PO and R2-D2's roles were convoluted and somewhat unnecessary, but it was nice for them to both have larger roles than in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi and for them to rely on each other again.

It's a fantastic, yet very flawed end to the saga, but doesn't connect the prequel, original and sequel trilogies together as much as it was advertised to. Arguably, it could have been a standalone sequel story, as it nearly does not require The Last Jedi at all to function, save the scenes on Ahch-To and Luke's death. It ties up loose ends while leaving many untouched. All of this may have been rushed into one movie, but I believe it was paced and presented as best as possible with what J.J. had to do following the near-zero story contributions The Last Jedi gave to the trilogy.

However, the movie failed to answer a couple of big questions I had:

  • How the f**k did Maz Kanata get a hold of Anakin's lightsaber in the first place? This is a question that has been waiting to be answered since The Force Awakens. She even says it's "a story for another time". Why wasn't that time now?
  • Why did Luke keep Leia's saber on Ahch-To? It would've made more sense for Leia, another Skywalker and not the one who had failed Ben Solo, to have tried to continue to fight for the New Jedi Order. Instead, Luke gives up and for whatever reason takes away Leia's ability to train as well. He doesn't even have his own lightsaber anymore by the looks of it, so why keep hers?
  • How did Palpatine come back? The dude was blown apart in the reactor shaft of the Death Star II and even if that didn't happen, he was caught in the moon-sized firey explosion and subsequent crash down onto the planet. There is literally no explanation into why Palpatine is still alive, even more so physically.
  • How does Lando manage to rally literally a thousand ships together to fight the Sith Fleet in a small amount of time when Leia, the incredibly influential and established leader of the Resistance, failed to cobble together any reinforcements on Crait?
  • Why would Kylo Ren lie to Rey about her parents if he had sensed her parentage? The knowledge of Rey's father being a Palpatine would be far more useful to her than the claim that her parents were "nobody", which they certainly were not. It's such an obvious and mishandled retcon which happens to hold so much importance to the story.

This is my biggest gripe, which harks back to Rey being overpowered and a Mary Sue (this is an argument I've had to begrudgingly somewhat accept after analysing The Last Jedi more deeply). Yes, Rey is a now a Palpatine, but still how the f**k did she manage to learn how to masterfully perform:

  • Mind tricks
  • Levitation
  • Force Lightning
  • Force Heal/Transfer
  • Force Push another Force user's lightsaber
  • Teleporting and manipulating objects and people through a Force bond
  • Force Pull a f**king ship like Starkiller
  • Advanced lightsaber combat
    when 1. Leia, a retired Jedi who did not receive the same amount of training or connection to the Force as Luke, was her master and 2. had not learned she even had a connection to the Force until a year or so prior?
    It's total nonsense, and severely devalues the time that Anakin and Luke spent training with fully fledged Jedi Masters.

Warning: the following question includes a discussion about anime and philosophy (the two most greatest evils xD).


What happened to the inclusion of the Red Ribbon of Fate? This is a theory that was talked about after the training scene in the forest was shown in trailers. It is something shown front and centre during this scene and would have made so much sense in terms of the story of not just The Rise of Skywalker, but the sequel story as a whole. The Red Ribbon/String of Fate is the philosophy that a red ribbon symbolises the inseparable connection between two characters, that their destiny is tied together and both characters will be present to achieve an ultimate goal, whether it be to fall in love, marry, defeat an enemy and/or die.
Without Ben, Rey would not be alive nor would have she had the drive to hone her connection to the Force, become a Jedi and slay Palpatine. Without Rey, Ben would have never been able to redeem himself from the dark side of the Force as his grandfather did, have had the drive to slay Snoke and eventually save Rey, allowing him to fulfill his duty as a Skywalker and restore balance to the Force.

The Red Ribbon of Fate is a central plot element to the anime film Your Name, wherein Taki and Mitsuha are bound to each other after a cataclysmic event is destined to take place: a meteor will fall onto a country town in Japan, killing everybody who lives there, including Mitsuha. One day, Taki and Mitsuha wake up in each other's bodies and indirectly get to know one another and what their lives entail. When they go to sleep, they return to their own bodies. The next day, they're in the other person's body. This is a cycle that repeats that assures the bind between the two characters and eventually Taki, while living in Mitsuha's body, learns to tie his hair with a red ribbon like she does.
While living in his own body, Taki lives three years in the future from Mitsuha, and learns that in his timeline, the meteor had already hit the town and that everybody there had died. Both Taki and Mitsuha devise a plan to evacuate the town before the meteor hits, allowing the town's population, and consequently Mitsuha, to survive. After the timeline is altered, they no longer swap each other's bodies, but as the red ribbon of fate destines, they meet physically five years later in Tokyo.

This is a plot element that was, at most, paid homage to in The Rise of Skywalker, and I believe it would have made so much more sense to be more central element of the story as it was teased/included in the trailers.

Overall, The Rise of Skywalker was really good and met a lot of my expectations, but not all of them. It kept to a logical, linear story instead of adding sudden twists and turns like The Last Jedi (which is a film I still love but is vastly more flawed than this film), but it could have included much more. It handled its characters well and respected the characters from previous trilogies. It ties up the saga in a satisfying way, even if it didn't connect all of the trilogies as much as it should've. I'd rate it as my second favourite sequel movie behind The Force Awakens, but it's hard to say whether it's up there with some of my favourite Star Wars movies though. I'll be seeing it a few more times in cinemas with friends and family which will clear my head up a lot more.


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Yo I full on sh*t my pants when I thought chewie died

Apart from that, I think that anything negative or positive that I could bring up has already been stated. I'd rate the movie a solid 8/10.


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I went to watch the movie after I finished work tonight and I don't care what people are saying and I'm not that big of a movie nerd but I loved that film. I grew up with Star Wars and it felt like a worthy end to a series I may never ever see on the big screen again in my lifetime. There is no point discussing how it could have been better or how they should of done this or that. The movie is there and it is the one and only ending. 10/10


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8 hours ago, Butcher232 said:
  Reveal hidden contents

Yo I full on sh*t my pants when I thought chewie died

Apart from that, I think that anything negative or positive that I could bring up has already been stated. I'd rate the movie a solid 8/10.



If they had have killed Chewie I would have actually cried I don't think you f**king understand.


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Ok. When I left the cinema, I was genuinely mad. After resting on it for a while, I am reluctant to give it a 5 / 10, but I must give it credit for sucessfully ending the saga.


The Good:

Allegiant General Pyrde - He's interaction with Palpatine when he's kneeling 'I served you in the past war, and will do in this one' is my favourite delivered line in the ENTIRE FILM. So much was given. Further, he wasn't a incompetent useless General like many First Order ones, and arguably the Imperials.

Scene between Han and Kylo - Beautiful. 

The Final Order uniform - Oh my god, it is actually beautiful. Absolutely stunning. 

The implication that Finn is a force user - yes.

Ben as a force ghost


The Bad:

The speeder chase on Passedana -  Ok, so why didn't the two jump troopers call for backup. They're fighting literally a Jedi. 

- Why didn't they see the ship and not blow it up. They had a transport.

- I was surprised initially when Chewie was 'dead'. Surprised, but glad. When he lived, I actually sat there in awe. Why.

- Rey being a Palpatine? I can see arguments either way, but I am not a fan personally. 

I didn't like how Ben died, I mean he did given he's final transformation to a Light user, but I am not entirely sure how I feel. 


The Ugly:

- When Palpatine used his Lightening to the Resistance + whoever else fleet, we saw that consoles and stuff exploded in certain ships. So why are like none of them effected when he stops. 

- Hux died like a rat, which I suppose is kinda fair, because he was (its ugly cause he is my favorite character :( 

Rey adopting the Skywalker name, I mean, its not really Rise of Skywalker, its more... Rise of Honorary Skywalker. 


I think they could of done better IMO, however, I am not pissed about how it ended. I am glad I watched the end to the Saga. 5/10.


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  1. Leia finally getting some well earned rest
  2. Rey and Ben being friends 
  3. The whole entired battle sequence for the final battle
  4. The hugging scene
  5. Chewie Getting his Medal i f**king Cried when that happened 
  6. The whole use of what the Empire/First order had done to planets
  7. The Hot bounty hunter girl
  8. @Marsh The uniforms are dope
  9. I saw some use of homosexuality in the hugging scene, made me happy
  10. Rose Didnt have a main part
  11. Rose Didnt kiss Finn
  12. LANDO
  13. The use of the Unknown regions 
  14. The use of EU stuff leia having Jedi Training was pretty cool
  15. all Those jedi cheering rey on


  1. The Final battle scene was very short i wanted to see more violence
  2. I didnt see Zeb @Bailey :(
  3. There Should have been more CIS/Republic ships in the last part change my mind
  4. Rey Just Cucking the Emperor like dat
  5. Rey being a palpatine 
  6. The huge army of sith followers just watching Palpy die
  7. Poe being a Spice runner
  8. The Sike on Chewie dying 


  1. C3po kinda dying
  2. BB-8s friend is named D-O not DIO
  3. Where tf did the fleet come from 



  1. No cameo from the Remanding Ghost crew
  2. No Mandolorians mentioned Like at all

Thank you for coming to my ted Talk 


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Ok so I personally really liked this movie but at the same time I can understand why people dislike it to a certain extent. They did a lot of fanservice and did what they could to correct all the f**k ups and distreatment present within The Last Jedi. There is too much for me to say about this movie however I feel this video made by Star Wars Theory sums up my opinion on the elements of the film to a tee.




p.s did anyone notice the Mandalorians Razor Crest ship in the slew of fighters who showed up with lando to fight the final orders fleet.


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