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[SPOILERS] The Mandalorian: Episode 7 Discussion

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Episode 7 of the Mandalorian "The Reckoning"; Discussion Thread

This is the beginning of the new format for discussion threads where, as has been requested for me by Ragetank that I make any and all text within the discussion threads within a spoiler tag, even if they are not spoilers, and so, we'll be doing it that way from now on.

Opening the episode was pretty cool but kind of confusing with Carl Weathers' character (Greef Karga) coming back and asking Dyn Jarren for help because of the whole 'Grrr I hate u' thing they had going on, to me it looks like a trap (at the time of writing this).

Then the split into Cara Dune fighting that Zabrak was cool, I don't really understand how the electricity rope works, but it looked cool and it solidified her as more of a badass and the fact that the Warlord Dyn has to go back and kill is Imperial getting her on board helps us realise that she f**king hates Imperials.

It, again, was mentioned that Baby Yoda is a boy "Is he alright up there alone?" but knowing Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau they'll spin it on us. We also get to see the Mandalorian's arsenal up close again.

Then Baby Yoda takes a look and then decides he wants to fly the ship, and I don't know man, I reckon he coulda got them there safely. He does be goated with the force you know, he coulda got them there.

Then they dropped Baby Yoda off with Kuiil and I kind of lost interest because you know, no Baby Yoda makes Bailey a sad man.

Unique that Kuiil (the bloke with the weird moustache) was an Imperial and it was once again referenced that Cara Dune was a Rebel Shocktrooper 'dropper' and it once again solidified the fact that she was special forces. Then the whole reconstruction of IG-11 is kinda cute, its Kuiil's son now, the little montage was kinda cute.

I vibed with IG-11 because of his love of tea, and then seeing Dyn's hatred of droids once again coming through, the emotion he was able to convey through the helmet. Then we got hit with the "I have spoken" again, which was sick.

Then the arm wrestling match was kind of off putting until I realised they made Baby Yoda use f**king FORCE CHOKE. HES GONNA BE A SITH LORD I SWEAR AHAHAHA. Inb4 he's in Rise of Skywalker as Snoke.

The little notes and world building they do, like they've done in every episode where they drop a little bit of context and let us figure the rest out, such as Nevarro being an Imperial stronghold because its hard to drop into without cover.

Once again, the tattoo thrown in and shown, then mentioned by Carl Weathers' character and it makes us realise that all Rebel Shocktroopers must have had the tattoo as an atonement to the fact that they served, presumably being proud of their job due to its high casualty rate.

I thought it was really sick that they finally mentioned fire teams in Star Wars, so I can finally yell at people about squads and fire teams now because they're lore friendly and canon!

The pterodactyl things showing up was intense as f**k, I was not ready for that, the fact that Kuuil's pet was gonna get taken away really f**ked me up for a moment.

The poison was a nice touch to show the power of baby yoda, he f**king heals Greef Karga like nothing I've ever seen, like even in Star Wars he healed him that quickly, Jedi Sages weren't as fast as Baby Yoda is.

Then the whole betrayal of Dyn, then the double betrayal by Greef Karga because Baby Yoda healed him, unable to go through with it because baby yoda saved his life. Man it was a cute little scene.

Then the arming up scene was kinda fresh, Kuiil heading back to the ship while the rest of them go and prepare to take out this Warlord.

Those Scout troopers looked sick too, a little weary and dirty but still wearing their armour proudly out and about, outside of the city because they know they have it locked down. 20 credits for the helmet was a funny touch because of how expensive the helmet supposedly is, seeing is he could scam Greef was an enjoyable touch that they didn't need to add but did anyway.

The Imperial Warlord has such a.....uhhh, I don't know what to call it, interesting aura about him. He seems so calm and collected, with a huge vocabulary, but also angry and spiteful since the Rebels took out Imperial control. Presumably an Ex-Moff or Ex-Admiral maybe, hard to tell due to him not wearing rank plaques.

Then a new character, Moff Gideon showed up and it all went sideways, at the time of writing this while watching the scene, this is intense as f**k, a betrayal at the hands of his own Imperial friend, then DEATH TROOPERS AND AN ITT. GOD DAMN. These guys don't look tired and weathered either, Moff Gideon (played by Giancarlo Esposito) is armed to the teeth and keeps his men nice and clean. His entrance was cool as f**k too, with the weird landing of the TIE Fighter, then his casual strut up to the wall knowing he won't be shot.

The only thing that had me genuinely confused in the entire episode was how the Scout Troopers accidentally intercepted the comms of Kuiil and Dyn.

Then they killed Kuiil, one of the homies and took Baby Yoda and holy f**k, what an episode honestly, one of my favourite episodes so far, I just want to see Baby Yoda dunk on some fools with the force.

The story is now progressing and I'm excited to see where it goes from here.


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26 minutes ago, [IG] Tackxo said:
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sh*t was wack at the end i almost thought that gideon dude was gideon hask



Giancarlo Esposito is a master of his craft.


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3 hours ago, Death said:
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I apologize to everyone for the actions of the Scout Troopers.

They did pretty good tho.


Sick episode.








I'm sorry :(



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1 hour ago, Bibleman said:

@Bailey I dont know how to do that sorry


I’ll let this one slip just because you’re unsure, if you’re on mobile you can type spoiler with square brackets around it [] to start it and then /spoiler with square brackets around it to end it.

On desktop you can just click the icon up the top that looks like an eye.

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My favourite episode by far, Moff Gideon’s entrance and was orchestrated perfectly and it was a great way to progress the plot which I felt was slowing down. Gideon is going to quickly become a favourite of mine and I can’t wait to see what they have in store, Giancarlo Esposito is such a great.

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5 minutes ago, Rivers said:
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My favourite episode by far, Moff Gideon’s entrance and was orchestrated perfectly and it was a great way to progress the plot which I felt was slowing down. Gideon is going to quickly become a favourite of mine and I can’t wait to see what they have in store, Giancarlo Esposito is such a great.


I'm also interested to see what he has at his disposal. Does he have a Star Destroyer? A small fleet of them? Does he have any heavy vehicles of some sort? Really interesting episode and I was very excited to watch it.

Also for those who listened closely, you could hear that the E-11D's blaster sound was the same sound used for the ones in Rebels instead of Rogue One and I wanted to know what you guys thought of that. I personally have grown onto the Rebels E-11D blaster sound. 


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My reaction was, Holy.... sh*t....


I loved the ending and this has got to be my favourite episode to date. The death troopers looked so good and that TIE design was to die for.


This video is good in explaining the episodes and the TROS connections:




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