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Chapter 3 of the ISB vs Bibleman Comic:


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Sorry for the long wait I was a bit busy this week  

* Disclaimer The fight scene is a bit intense so if u dont like that stuff dont read :) this chapter gets a bit dark

Related image (Bibleman on the way to ISB) 

Chapter 3:1 

After many hours of travelling along the M1, Bibleman is only 15 minutes off from reaching ISB HQ, he is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery  of Joe Vertullio and ISB involvement in his disappearance. "I must get to the bottom of this, its my duty but I still cant figure out why ISB would be involved in this case" Bibleman thought to himself as he drove his bike during the morning hours on the Highway, he dosent know exactly how it will go down but due to his other previous experiances with investigating companies he believes it will go smoothly. Unkown to Bibleman, Krennic top agents await his arrival at the entrance to ISB HQ. Pterro,Stitches and Luigi have all conducted a plan on how to kill Bibleman once he arrives and now it is only a matter of time before this confrontation between them. Bibleman slowly pulls up his bike into the ISB driveway and parks his bike in the centre of the car park. 



Chapter 3:2 

Bibleman drives down into ISB carpark and gets off the Bible bike. As he gets off he is instantly greeted by Pterro,Stitches and Luigi.

"Hello?" asks Bibleman as they slowly approach him from all angles. "Hello!?" he asks again and again but he still gets no reply, as they continue to get closer he ignites his saber.

"You have no business here" says Perro as he emerges from behind a dark pillar. "As you should know the Police dont have real control out here, so leave!". Pterro pulls out a high explosive gun from behind his back, Stitches activates an electric staff and Luigi pulls out two bronze daggers. " I feel bad for you crusader, you life will soon be wasted by coming here" stated stitches. "The only thing that will be wasted here is your judgement" said Bibleman as he gets into a fighting stance. Pterro opens fire at Bibleman and Luigi and Stitches charge at Bibleman and what ensues is a highly fast pace action between all 4 of them. Bibleman kicks stitches away so he can sowly focus of getting rid of Luigi. Luigi manages to slice a deep cut on Bibleman's left arm and as he walks back from the shock of the pain he takes a roundhouse kick from Stitches and he falls over and rolls for about 1 meter and as he stumbles to his feet Pterro raises his gun and fires at Bibleman, the high explosive shell detonates in his face sending him flying back 10 meters and shattering parts of his armour. Bibleman lays motionless on the ground for a few seconds before he manages to gain his strength and get on one knee while facing away from the 3 assassins. 

"Your finished" says Stitches. "I want his head, it will be a nice addition to my collection" said Luigi as they all start to walk over to him. " Is the this all over the life of one boy" says Pterro as they approach him. 

"You'll never stop at one..... I'll take you all on!" Bibleman screams as he ignites his saber. Bibleman turns around and grabs Stitches wrist and proceeds to bash the Hilt of his Sabers into her face 4 times destroying and breaking her nose and jaw and slams her to the ground. In the insuring chaos Pterro tries to get a point blank shot at Bibleman but he gun jams and Bibleman slashes at his knee making him drop to his right knee as his joint was cut, Bibleman spins 360 degrees and slashes his throat killing him instantly and then turns at Luigi.  Bibleman throws his blade at Luigi but Luigi manages to move away from it just in time, Thinking Bibleman is defenses he charges at him, Bibleman kicks one of Luigis daggers to the ground and as Luigi tries to stab him with the other he grabs his wrist and takes his dagger and stabs him  right below is jaw, "Give me your face" Bibleman says to him as he decapitates Luigi and throws his head onto the ground. " I rise.... You fall" Bibleman says to the bodies as he proceeds to walks up through the hallways of ISB looking for a way to get to Krennic. After Bibleman left, Stitches still barely alive manages to crawl behind a pillar and sends Kennic a distress Signal warning him that he got pass them" 




Chapter 3:3 

Krennic gets the distress Signal from stitches and plans to escape his bunker, he gets two of his personal Guards to escort him through the building. Krennic Orders a team of security Officers to "Slow down" Bibleman as he slowly approaches the entrance to his bunker as he heads lower and lower into the underground tunnels of ISB. Krennic gets some of his workers to pack boxes full of his top secret makeup chemicals and they board them onto a small van in which he boards and escapes on, the van travels through a small underground passage which exits in a nearby mountain range, for now he has escaped Bibleman but Bibleman dosent know that yet. 

image.thumb.png.0cf29f8b500af608ac7c3b500184cea8.png (Isb security guards waiting for Bibleman) 


image.png.820f254ff73934bbd1865f56b608929f.png (Bibleman activates his Saber and its yellow light illuminates the room) 

Chapter 3:4 

Bibleman ignites his saber and deflects the lasers shot my the ISB security guards back at them killing multiple guards, Bibleman continues to walk closer to melee distance and when he gets close enough he proceeds to "dispatch" and "neutralise" all of the security guards, he kicks a body out of the way which was blocking the door and finally arrives the Krennics Bunker and cuts a hole through the bunkers door with his saber and entering. Bibleman realises that the bunker was completely empty and that he had just missed Krennic. Bibleman puts away his saber back onto his belt and  walks over to the desk and searches for any clues that could lead him to Krennic and the rest of the ISB leadership. He finds a small GPS receiver on one of the desks and hooks it up to Krennics Gaming Computer and realises its connect to Krennic remote control car which he took with him when escaping the base, realising Bibleman has a constant and most importantly current location of Krennic, Bibleman races back up the garage and hops onto the Bible Bike and proceeds to chase after Krennic. Bibleman enters the mountain roads and since his Bike was designed by "Holden" it is extremely fast and is slowly but surely catching up to Krennic and to solving the case of Joe Vertullio.  



Chapter 3:5 

Krennic escapes in his red convertible sports car and puts on a really advanced and almost undetectable disguise as he escapes to a small mountain town to lay low for a while. He realises gets a notification from ISB HQ that Bibleman is still looking for him and Krennic gets really worried. "Bibleman will never find me out here" he thinks to himself as he speeds down the mountain roads and as he puts on his disguise."I'm out of luck if this fails, I will join the golf team so I will be looser and thus Bibleman wont find me" he says to himself as he pulls into the mountain town of " Twitch" Krennic thinks he safe buts its only a matter of time before the inevitable showdown between Krennic and Bibleman....

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