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Every Stormtrooper Explained - WIRED

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Hey Guys,

This morning I found a video published a day ago by the channel 'WIRED', in this video the Vice President/Executive Creative Director Doug Chiang (Lucasfilm) and the Collections and Exhibitions Archivist Madlyn Burkert (Lucasfilm) sit down and explain each and every Storm and Clone trooper seen within all of the movies including the ones seen in the trailers for the upcoming movie The Rise of Skywalker. I found this pretty interesting as they go over the designs and how they came up with some and why certain choices were made, I hope you enjoy the video and to those who want to stay away from anything Rise Of Skywalker this video is spoiler free as it only talks very briefly about the designs of the troopers seen in the already released trailers.







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I can get you booked up for a check up if you want

I've got you both an appointment with Doctor Ahmad tomorrow at 1pm.

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