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Imperial Gaming server IDEA

Minecraft server  

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So I have realized we have a very untouched market of players in a specific community which is minecraft.

so honestly crackshot idea having a minecraft server would be good

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4 hours ago, Mongo said:

takes one person to ruin it for everyone.



There are a lot of realms floating around for different groups within IG but Idk about the idea of an actual server purely due to not knowing the longevity of the idea and guessing people will get bored of it after a while wasting the time put into its development.

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1 hour ago, Lachlan said:

I think it should be a strict RP Minecraft server with options of trading,factions,going to war with other factions, Running a business that provides to other players

fighting each other with like one or two rules is fun tho

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Imagine a like SMP Earth kinda thing but with a dash of star wars that would be sick, but like someone said it takes one person to ruin it all but it's pretty easy to develop ways around basically everything. I like the idea minecraft is top tier game to have a server on and it's pretty cheap to run.

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