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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Giveaway

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hey lads so got the humble bundle and shadow of the tomb raider is on it but i've already got it so imma give it out 

to enter upvote this post cus i'm a rep leech.. nah just like chuck a comment and i'll chose someone random maybe with a number generator or something

best of luck!

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4 minutes ago, JerryJohnsington said:

Yo Remember, Codename: Kids next door on Cartoon Network? When I remembered it I nearly cried because I used to watch it all the time when I was 10. What a throwback, like if you agree

nah never watched it nice try tho i watched recess m8


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6 hours ago, JerryJohnsington said:

What about Chowder? 

Remember Sky singing that in 442nd like all the time? You take the moon and you take the sun..

Yeah we was a strange bunch.

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I got a grey kitty, white one and a tabby too 

and a big orange man put snakes in my shoe 

Mad emcee skills will leave u struck and I role with my kitties and Im hard as f**k 

I get down with platoe and soctratees and I love to get freaky with all the laddies 

up in my shed up in my shed 


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alright so i've done it i leave for england tomorrow so needed to give it out today


i basically just counted how many comments there were and then did it this way so as you can see comment number 6 won which is actually me so better luck next time nah but fr it's vanilla since it was jerry's second comment so congrats to vanilla if you're in TS then i'll poke you the code or can gift it to you on steam


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