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My apology and feedback.

As a superior member of Imperial Gaming I sincerely apologies for my absence at the Imperial Gaming 3rd Anniversary Awards. I apologies to my fans that wanted to see me there and sniff my hair while they sat behind me. But apparently, there were only 128 tickets sold and as a celebrity, I have a huge schedule and forgot to buy an early-bird ticket. I forgot to buy a ticket because there was not enough advertising done for such a fantastic and extravagant event.

I do thank the entertainment team for recording this spectacular for me, I do wish to say it was quite boring to watch though. There were no red curtains or spotlights, neither were there any entertainment pieces in between awards such as digital presentations or live performances. The walls and seating were not detailed with a grand theatre look. The ceremony was extremely short due to their being no introduction and things like "Presenting your host................. Bailey (Last Name whatever". Music also would have been nice. Everything was quite grey.

A great idea would be to have nominees for categories (include like the highest 6 votes) just like the OSCARS.

And thanks for recording.

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