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Custom PC - Need opinions


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this is my Custom PC once i get enough money together it'll be able to do most thing 1440P. The 5700XT is more powerful then the RTX 2060 but is not as powerful as a 2070 super. if anyone has any suggestions about this wishlist please PM me

Also this PC is going to be better then half of the pre-builts on PCCG because with the pre-builts they charge $100-200 More for labor like this PC i want to build will cost less then the one down below


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So back again, after all this time been looking through them and I found this one, I think its good bang for buck but alot of people have told me the cooling is bad, but would it really be? If PCCG were willing to sell it wouldnt it be tested and stuff? Anyway I need your opinions!!! Its another pre-built :)


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