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Mauler PAC3 Tier 1 Application


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  • I am aware of your past PAC's and am aware of how they are well made.
  • Basic examples
  • Limited pictures
  • Made a sword for corvo  
  • Give us a fancy pose for the picture babe. Your being lazy!


You just need to update the photos really and provide something that's different then the rest. Or maybe that's just cause i added so many when i did mine.

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Lime, I would have more but.. ya know, dont got my old ones and its much easier to make new ones whilst on the server so there isn't conflicting models and such.

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Update / Bump


I'm making a WIP Pulse Inspired W40k/Star Wars PAC: As I said, it's WIP and not the final product but it DOES include techniques and abilities in porting and editing models and textures and using them in PAC.



I'll update my Utime when I jump on the server later.

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