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Edward Moderator Application


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  • Steam Name:
    [T-480] Edward
  • SteamID32:
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • In Game Name:
  • Time Played Imperial RP:
    11 hours
  • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence
  • Have you had any warns (If so state them)?
  • Have you had any bans (If so state them)?
  • Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)?
    Not many on Gmod, But i was a Support/Staff member for a ArmA3 Life community about 2 months ago, i have experience in the Staff field though,
  • What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server?
    The moderators are there to keep the server clean of all the Toxic rule breakers and to make sure that everyone is treated fairly so that they enjoy there time here on the server.
  • Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator?
    I am applying because i have been here for at tiny while and so far i am loving it, and i want to be able to look after the server and keep it clean from all the players that just ruin it for others. I dislike those type of people and i just want to be able to keep the server clean alongside the great staff team that is already here.
  • What do you believe you can bring to the staff team?
    I can bring a active and determined member to the staff team, i get on the server pretty much every day to play and enjoy my time, i am determined and i do not like giving up on my goals, i would like to say that i push past them and become even better then what i want to be, I am nice and i don't act like a dick, so i believe that with that and my experience as staff that i could really just help all around.
  • Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?
    Offline ban them by getting there steamid and then put a reason for why and how long they are getting.
  • Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?
    Step in and bring them to a sit were i can better find out what is happening. and then if it is bullying i would verbal warn the bully and then if they continue i would move it to a warning and if it keeps on happening after warning i would probably kick them and then go from there.
  • You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?
    I would report it to a higher staff member straight away with any evidence that i have to prove that they are abusing.
  • Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?
    Perm ban them for wanting to DDOS this amazing server.
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Steam Name:
    [T-480] Edward
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Hey @Edward,


Thank you for taking the time to apply for a position within the Imperial Gaming moderation team however your application does not meet the minimum requirements in order to apply, more specifically the in-game play time requirement which dictates that you must have a minimum of 1 week. To read more about the requirements/terms and conditions for Trial Moderator applications please see the following thread;


@zaspan - application does not meet application requirements :) 




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User does not meet the minimum requirements - I would also recommend reading through Accepted applications for more insight on constructing your answers/responses more fluently. 

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