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Chapter 1 of the ISB vs Bibleman Comic:


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*Please Enjoy the first Chapter of the ISB vs Bibleman Comic:Note that a picture is explained in the paragraph below the picture so read in this order* @Tonberry @Kristofer @Dirthi @Luigi (Isb plz show rest of ISB/DT/INF)


Chapter 1:1

It was a calm night in the small town of "Big Shaq", the infamous detective Bibleman was strolling through the nights street and alleys looking for something to ease his racing mind. A cold case regarding the murder of two teenage boys is continuously on his thoughts, Bibleman worked on the case a few months ago but they never really seemed to get any leads and when they did the department would always reject them." I wonder why the department rejected the idea of investigating the chemical plant, hmmm...", he thought this to himself as he aimlessly walked through the streets of Big Shaq until he received a call from a police officer at his department. 


Chapter 1:2 

"Bibleman we need you back at HQ, we have a lead on the disappearance  of the businessman from a week ago, we need you as soon as you can," said officer JimBob as he appeared on a hologram pad.

Bibleman had a shocked expression on his face and quickly replied, " I will be there straight away. I will take the Bible Bike and get there as quick as I can", Bibleman quickly replied.

 Bibleman wasted no time in going to his Bible bike and quickly takes the tunnel to the police station, since it was over 12pm there was no speed limit restriction on the M1, so he travelled with haste to the government districts of Big Shaq. 

Related image

*Bibleman travelling on the Bible Bike to the police HQ" 



Chapter 1:3 

Bibleman raced through the halls of the police department rushing to get to briefing room, in the briefing room waits officer Jimbob and Police officer Kye Sausage. Inside the briefing room they have organised information on the current case of the disturbing disappearance  of a local Businessman named, " Joe Vertullio". Bibleman quickly rushed into the room and walks directly over to them, pushing aside other police officers in his determined walk for justice. 

" Yes Officer JimBob? what have you found on the disappearance " said Bibleman as walked over to the desk with information laid out. 

" We found out that he was last seen near the local chemical production plant ran by the cosmetic company "ISB". We believe that he was trying to find out information on his local rivals in the area and might have stumbled into the wrong group of people. " stated Jim Bob. Jim Bob quickly noticed a confused expression on Bibleman's face. 

" He was a baker!?, why would he be investigating a makeup companies chemical plant?" replied Bibleman, " We cant provide an answer right at this moment but its the best lead we have, I would like you to travel in the morning to the chemical plant and ask a few questions. " said Jim Bob. Bibleman agreed and walked out of the room and proceeded to travel to his 1 bedroom apartment for the night which was located in Mount Druitt, a small quiet area of the town of Big Shaq. 


Chapter 1:4 

Bibleman got home and was completely exhausted from the previous events, he decided that he would go to bed early and head over to the ISB chemical plant first thing in the morning. At 11pm Bibleman decided to sleep.

Chapter 1:5 

Bibleman woke up at 5am in a deep set and panting, he quickly grab his forehead since he woke up to the sharp pain of a bad headache which woke him up during the night , he stumbled out of bed and proceeded to take 200mg of Panadol Rapidz to help ease his mind, after taking his pain medication he decided to gear up and travel to the ISB Factory. He left his apartment in MT Druitt around 6:30 am and travelled with haste to the Chemical Plant but forgot his fancy hat.

Image result for bibleman gif (Bibleman travelling on the M1 to the ISB Plant) 





Chapter 1:6 

As Bibleman arrived to the plant a shady man stood in front of him in the car park, the shady man went up to Bibleman and asked for his business at the  ISB production plant. Bibleman told him that he was an officer and was investigating the recent disappearance of Joe Vertullio. After a brief conversation with the shady man Bibleman asked who is in charge here and the man replied with , " He dosent like officers around here, he gets angry... he wouldn't do anything against the law... trust me. His name is " @Dirthi" he has been running the place ever since the CEO was replaced due to "Complications" ...". The man proceeded to point Bibleman down the pathway to his office. Bibleman walked down this pathway and turn right into a hallway after a few minutes of walking the lights suddenly went out, Bibleman startled ignited his "Sword of Faith" and used its yellow light to guide him to a blacked out hallway. A man stood in front of him, Bald and completely pale with the name tag "Dirthi" on his chest. " You dont belong here crusader... go chase down gang members  and pagans as your kind does". Bibleman  quickly  replied with " I just want to ask a few questions, I wish for no violence". Bibleman slowly deactivated his saber as a small light illuminated the room. " I will  only give you one warning" replied Dirthi. "Please, Like I said I dont want any trouble" Bibleman urgently said to Dirthi. "Then you leave me no choice Crusader" Dirthi stated in a strong tone, Dirthi quickly moved his left hand left sending Biblemans saber to the wall  and he ignites his purple saber which illuminates the hallway with its light. " I didnt want it to come to this.. but nothing will stop me in my mission of God and Justice" Bibleman his right hand out summoning his blade to his right hand and ignites his Yellow Blade and signals Dirthi to attack. "So it begins" Dirthi said as he prepares his purple blade for battle.  

light saber GIF(Bibleman and Dirthi Preparing for Battle)


Image result for to be continued Chapter 2 will come out tomorrow night


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