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How many ISB agents does it take to fix a lightbulb?

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3 hours ago, SiegeMonkey said:

I really don't know what's worse about this video; The totally original intro screen, the fact that you didn't censor one of the staff claims or the fact that you literally censored a staff claim but not the message in chat.

A prime example of why we need staff streaming/recording mode :) 


This is a typical worksite, 1-2 people doing the job and 3 people sitting watching for 'safety purposes' xD


@Kristofer - you broke rule #1, what happens in the HQ stays in the HQ...

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This definitely was the highlight of my day.

These guys are a shining example of some of the Bureau's brightest agents. No other regiment can hold a candle to their brilliance.


Thank you, thank you. You're so kind.


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