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Before Scorch Joined Flame Troopers:

As a child Joey lived on Tatooine with his father and brother, his mother was murdered by droids after stealing weaponry from the separatists for the republic. When he was 12 he became fascinated with the fireplace, as he lived on Tatooine it would get rather cold once the two suns went down.

When he was 18 him and his brother were scratching out moisture on their moisture farm trying to get enough money to buy a droid to do it for them when a bounty hunter came by looking for his father, he never tried to hide the fact that he was going to kill him, his brother that was 3 years older than him charged at the hunter. Unfortunately the bounty hunter turned to him with his wrist mounted flamethrower and ended his life, the hunter started to burn Joey before stopping himself laughing menacingly. That was the final day he seen his father.

One whole side of Joey's body was burnt to bone, needing synthetic skin and muscle. Joey woke up at a separatist base in an unknown area, he was quickly recovering from his injuries before [REDACTED] ORDER 66 [REDACTED] occurred. Being 18 almost 19 he enlisted in the empire as it was now leading the galaxy. Seeing flame trooper tryouts after he became a storm trooper he came to the tryouts and passed, this only fuelled his love for fire more. After joining Flame Troopers he changed his name, never to be associated to his real name before. He was now Scorch.

What Has Happened After Joining Flame Troopers (in game):

Scorch and his Major went to sleep like any other night. As they were asleep rebels entered the ship and kidnapped them undetected. Both Scorch and Major Warden awoke to see Colonel Ghost also kidnapped. After being tortured for valuable information regarding the Flame Troopers Scorch had every single one of his toes cut off, he could handle the pain (due to his prior injuries lowering his pain receptors) and keep his mouth shut, after all three men had been tortured and almost killed one of the rebels dropped their comms. Scorch managed to grab the comms and call for help and pass them off to ghost quickly before going back to the torture room. He managed to get a hold of ISD Chimera and called for help again, telling them our location. After the empire deployed troops to save us they all made it out and with the ships Admiral.. Most of them. Scorch's toes were still amputated but once arriving back to the ISD they took Scorch to the medbay, later sedating him and transplanting the Admirals toes. without sedation so he felt as much of the pain as Scorch did. 

When his CO decided to step down he handed the reins to Sloppy. Unfortunately Sloppy was off ship at this time so Scoop, Scorch's good friend was given CO and both Scorch and Scoop worked together to take care of Flame Troopers until Sloppy returned even recruiting a few new members and teaching them the ropes.

After Flame Troopers Became A Part Of The 77th EVO Division

After a regimental combine all of EVO were put into a regiment together. The remaining Flame Troopers and people taking a heavy test would be the new Flame Troopers, Even stronger now with better armour and a better load-out. Scorch's old past had fallen into the mist, unimportant but still in his mind. Temporarily as they were going through the change they needed calling cards which were set to change in the future. Scorch decided to make his [E-03] In memory of his old regiment, mainly a nod to his old CO in which he is forever grateful of his teachings and leadership. He kept his original armour but upgraded it, even being allowed to put black pigment on it as at this time he was WOII This was also a nod towards what Warden wore when Scorch first joined the regiment, the second highest rank before CL3, when he would lose his armour and become a normal 77th Trooper. Though it took a little adjusting, the new leadership of the regiment, the new people but he settled in whereas some decided not to.


The Final Days Of Scorch

Months later, the EVO Division was dissolved and he was left without a purpose, he uploaded this all onto a file and saved it in the database in hopes he would be remembered as a valuable member of the Empire. It has been 5 months since anyone has seen Scorch, sometimes his old friend Scoop recieves letters that still give him hope, though he truly is a lost soul now. Some think he was killed by the emperor himself, some believe he was killed by his own brethren. No one knows what really happened but i think he is back on tatooine, his old home planet, trying to bring it back to the state it was once in long ago.


Hello, My name is Scorch, I am not the one this file was about, Infact I am what you may call a droid, but this file facinated me, to the point where i would like to continue his story, I will take on his Moniker and give him new life! I am a KX series droid so I have the ability to communicate. So i have took all of his radio comms that were recorded in his time as a soldier and will make it my own voice, I hope that is okay, I didn't exactly tell anyone I was doing this. I am Scorch.





Untitled-1.png.93e11b10cd8cded97da31e0dc7b13e50.pngAbsolutely horrible photoshop job but whatever                                                                                                                                                           The Only Photo Of The Flame Troopers Before The Regiments Combined

Climbing the ranks...





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13 minutes ago, JoeyHoppy said:

as he lived on Tatooine it would get rather cold once the two sons went down.

You see this, this is world building and I like it. Keep it up.

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