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Flametrooper Expression of Interest


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Hello there,

As many of you have noticed, Flametroopers have been added to the Server with @Warden being the CO and myself being granted the 2IC position under him, now that all of our bookkeeping is out of the way (Discord, Spreadsheet, etc.) I've decided to make a post that allows people who may not be on the Server 100% of the time when we're looking to do tryouts to express their interest in joining the Flametroopers.

It is a very obedient and disciplined regiment in which the use of flamethrowers is watched and scrutanized at every corner because of how devastating they can be and the minginess that can be brought about due to their use.

We will be employing a lot of unique tactics and things that regiments haven't actually been introduced to on the Server, such as certifications for RP purposes, such as a Signalman or an Autorifleman among other things.

If you're interested in joining message either myself or Warden on Discord (Bailey#8518), ingame, on teamspeak or on the forums.


- Bailey

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