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Ban request on myself (Not JOKE)

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Users In game name and rank: bibleman pfc st

Date: 7/12/2019

Explain the situation: I was randomly signed out my steam account with all my details changed and my account was taken over. I would request my account be banned at this moment. I have an ALT account which is currently banned and I would ask if it was to be unbanned so I can start my new account on it.

Evidence(Video, Screenshot, witnesses ETC): I will provide all proof of the stolen account to staff in private PM since it contains personal data and information. 

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Hey @Bibleman,


I have passed this post and your messages via the chat box onto the rest of the Staff Team via our group chat in hopes of having a Senior Staff member look into/deal with this situation as soon as possible for you so that you are able to continue playing on the server, especially over this weekend. In the meantime if you could message the mentioned proof to myself via direct messages over the forums I will pass it along the relevant channels for you to ensure necessary action is decided upon as swiftly as possible :) 




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