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Battlefront 2: Celebration Edition


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I usually don't make posts about 'buy this omg' but, this is too good to pass up, Battlefront 2, the leading Star Wars Multiplayer game in the last few years has released "Celebration Edition" which allows people who haven't purchased the game and those who have purchased it (for a cheaper price) to purchase the game and unlock EVERY cosmetic that has been released since the game's launch. This also includes all new cosmetics and skins that have ever been released (except for a few mission specific ones) and all the new ones that are coming out.

Its not a P2W scenario because anything that gets purchased is only cosmetic, its a super good price ($35 if you own the game and $45 if you don't.), it really hypes me up and the game is getting slowly and slowly bigger.

Purchase it boys, play with the boys in some game nights.

This is not a drill, buy the game or I'll get the strap.

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I'mma save my credits for the Rise of Skywalker skins, plus I can buy crystals for the skins I do want at a cheaper price. You can fit only so many emotes into the emote wheel and can use only one victory pose for each class/hero.

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