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Messing With Tinky

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7 minutes ago, Mongo said:


I don't think Tinky deserved this.


He puts his back into his regiment and this is our repayment, fitting. Nah but me and Phobia set everything back when things cooled a bit, no harm was done.

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1 hour ago, Luigi said:

It's been a loooooooooong journey since Ram Ranch.

Indeed it has. Favourite Tinky quote ever is now: "Whos mic sounds like they have it sticking out the window going 100 down Kwinana Freeway" xD #WAGang


@Tinky - In all seriousness though, we do it because we love you. You are a very unique individual to say the least :)  

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Tinky out here getting bullied (even if he deserves it :D)


but fr this man out here running a regiment well, getting abused by his people and still suffering through it

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1 hour ago, Billybob1061 said:

Sorry tinky I will try my absolute best to make it up to you.

This is the price for having good troopers who obey orders.... Uh, well, kinda.

But fr I got some plans to make it up to him.

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