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Regiment Retextures | Suggestions

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During my recent porting of lightsabers, I've been getting quite burnt out and have wanted a new project in between porting some stuff, and so after asking @Jman1308 I've been given permission to do some retextures of some regiments that are on the Server. So, rather than having a guess and making decisions that some people might not like, and so, I'm letting the community throw some suggestions at me.

Here are some templates I've found (you're welcome to use your own if you find some good ones.) and make sure to let me know what regiment its for, I'd love to update the server and make it what we'd all like to see. Just let me know my friends.

Just a reminder, I'm NOT taking the look of the regiment away from their lore look, as well as I'm not going to do custom ones for specific people.

I will be making
Private - Corporal
Sergeant - Warrant Officer I
2nd Lieutenant - Major
Lieutenant Colonel - Brigadier

Stormtrooper Templates

Scout Trooper Templates

Tank Trooper Templates

Spacetrooper Templates

Imperial Pilots Template + Officer Template

Thanks for anything you can do. :)

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  • Bailey featured this topic

The Imperial logo to the sleeves of uniforms would be an easy but immersion increasing addition. It's even shown in the templates.

Some red medic symbols to the Medics would help them stand out better, not needing to rely on just the pauldron. This is a canon logo design.


Also it might be a cool idea to add stripes on trooper helmets and shoulder pads which are the same colour as the pauldron they would wear at that rank. Other regiments that don't have white armour could probably not benefit from this but it would be cool seeing Stormtroopers walking around with another marking denoting their higher rank. This is inspired from the First Order Executioner Stormtrooper.


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34 minutes ago, Kristofer said:

Big project: 

Complete retexture of all the Imperial Officer models alongside changing/adding rank plaques to their respective models to increase lore accuracy. 

Make a google document detailing all the changes needed and I'll get to it.

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1 hour ago, Boris said:

@[IG] Tackxo Only coming back if we have Pulse Cannons and a Brigadier named Tackxo  and a Royal Rep named Kendrick

That can be arranged.

For legal reasons, it can not be arranged and this was a joke.

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15 hours ago, Bailey said:

That can be arranged.

For legal reasons, it can not be arranged and this was a joke.

Make sure you read that fine print.


Fr though that fine print isn't fine enough. It needs to resemble a flat, straight line.

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@Bailey Question. Im guessing you plan to use... Blender?  Cause i would be interested in knowing how your doing it. Cause if i can steal the Delta squad models off steam and the blank commando. Could then place the blank over the delta models and get cleaner ones with the equipment. As well as if its possible to make body groups attempt, as well as to attempt to develop a more imperial skin or 2 as well as a camo such as DT's bodygroups. 




Finally update IC... ;-;

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1 hour ago, LimeStrider said:

And as a second thing. Could prob reskin the the crow bar with the scout batton from fallen order. Or the stun stick. Also use some of the components of the PT staff to get the lightning.

Get the baton for inferno squad, iden used in bf2

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