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Good 'ol Bounty Hunting Times

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1 minute ago, Sparx said:

Clearly an old screenshot, but big masses of bounty hunters is always fun, loved when I was Cad and there was a bigger amount of bounty hunters than when I quit

Yep, from the start of this year. Big masses don't last long, but they're fun while they're there ahah

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4 hours ago, Death said:

Hold up.. What's happening with Thrawn over there...? 

That's me when I was Chimaera Squad Brigadier with PAC'd on Thrawn on my back because his legs were tired xD 

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4 hours ago, John said:

remember when credits and proper bounties came onto the server for the first time😳 @Bailey @Basil @Jye 


4 hours ago, Ramirez said:

The white wookie

Bro I'm renaming the Shyrack to the White Wookiee @John

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