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Re-implementation of the 'Security Deck'

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Hello all, 
Just a quick note from your IG security team; there are going to be a few changes made to the ISD's second floor. The following adjustments will be implemented to enable SK/RT/ISB to more easily defend the brig and ISB HQ in times of crisis, in conjunction with improving general interactions regarding security with standard military / naval personnel.

This development will occur in two main areas:

Renaming of floor 2 as the 'Security Deck':

  • A clearance of CL3+ will be required to access the Security Level
  • Valid clearance and reason for entering must be provided, before entering the Security level, unless you are invited in by SK/RT/ISB personnel*
  • If a CL3+ individual does have a valid reason to enter the Security level, then SK/RT/ISB must be notified, to alleviate confusion. VIPs are excluded from this ruling*
  • A restriction of one (1) guard per VIP will be in effect, excluding All Access personnel
  • All SK/RT/ISB personnel will be excluded from the above rulings

Implementation of two 'Security Checkpoints':

  • The Security Level officially commences at each of the two security checkpoints, located either side (one near the dual elevators, the other in front of the Imperial Tactics center (please see the attached images))
  • The aforementioned rules of the Security level will apply, beyond these checkpoints.
  • The area directly surrounding each checkpoint will be a 'no loitering' zone
  • SK/RT will maintain the responsibility of guarding each checkpoint, and maintain the right to check the ID's of individuals intending to enter the security deck*

*This ruling applies upon the conditions of Jman's 'Clearance, Guards & VIP rules' post, located here;




Please notify either myself, through this post, or any SK/RT/ISB member if you have any questions, or require more information.

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6 minutes ago, Jay Lamar said:

How come it is one guard instead of two for VIPS, seems kind of pointless. Everywhere else it is two guards.


Basically, both the Brig and ISB HQ have a limit of  'one guard per VIP.' To eliminate confusion and / or SK/RT/ISB having to enforce separate guard limits in different areas, the same limit of one has been implemented throughout the deck.
I hope this clears things up, cheers for your reply.

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