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Development Update 10/11/2019

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Hello Community,

After today's server wide testing of the weapons, they seem to be working properly and will be slowly distributed to each regiment slowly throughout the week. Please note that your regiment may not have the same weaponry as it does currently does as many are potentially going to change. If you have an issue with the load-out you have been given by the end of the week and you have reasonable concern commanders are to send me a message on the forums and I will look into it. Likewise if you have feedback on the weapons also send me a message.

This means point-shop will be re-worked in the coming weeks, this change will not be instant and you may now sell your weapons for a 100% refund. I recommend you do so as the current weapons will all be getting removed form the server in favor of the new ones.

On another topic @Vanilla has been working on a new UI design for the server and it will provide a fresh look for the HUD. Below is the concept for the HUD but the real deal looks extremely similar. Expect this in the near future!


Other Changes:

  • Marauders had a slight rank re-work
  • Royal Guard & Shadow Guard merged into Imperial Guard
  • Soverign Protector moved into Imperial Guard
  • 996th Imperial Guard renamed to 996th Guard Division
  • Royal Representative Gallius Rax renamed to Counselor Gallius Rax and moved to IHC
  • New Gallius Rax model (Thank you bailey)
  • Deployable shields de-spawn on player death
  • Voice yell & whisper mode added with = button
  • Keycard crackers now make less sound and time to crack reduced from 30 seconds to 20
  • Bounty Hunters given keycard crackers
  • A new DEFCON sound has been added
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