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ISD V2.5 Update


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On 11/10/2019 at 11:17 AM, Guskywalker said:

Replacing the current sensor array above the bridge will be a new, cleaner model. The shield domes will also be destructible like the old domes a couple of updates ago but will be harder to destroy.

I like the idea of the destructible shield domes, I think the EM's would love this new feature and build many events around it

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And the map update is out!



And here is the changelog.


Version 2.5
10th anniversary update! The original release of beta 1 was back in the end of January 2010.
Thanks to everyone for the support all these years!

- Fixed some double doors not being openable with USE.
- Improved AI/hint nodes so that NPCs can walk around the ship better.

- Completely removed old spawn/sparring room and remade a bigger one on deck 3. It includes 2 exits and an observation deck for officers.
- Moved brig to the end of the same hallway so it's less in the way.
- Made new models for the holoprojector and computer consoles to improve the visuals and make it more accurate to the films.
- Replaced the old array on the bridge with a new model.
- Improved lighting here and there.

- Added destroyable function to the shield domes
- Added more functions in the generator room. Laser beams are turned off when power is down. These need to be turned back on manually. Made a fuel line retractable.
- Added a retractable bridge to the generator room.
- Added two hiding spots.
- Added side room to the brig.
- Added lifts to the bridge pits
- Added an anniversary text in the secret room.

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