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Meet DT**-5813 "Loyal"

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This took me two days to write, ask any and all relevant questions and please tell me if there are any grammatical errors.



Up until the age of 8 years old “5813” grew up on Dyspeth with her parents, “5813” always dreamt of the day she would become a member of the Empire and follow under the orders of Emperor Palpatine, unaware of the war that ended around her 4th birthday. She had seen many battles take place between the “dirty” rebels and the Empire on her home planet but would have never had the thought of one day following in the footsteps of the Imperial Army.

“5813” woke with a start, and a burning sensation spread through her body like blood seeping from an open cut. Her parents had left that day with a note reading “The lord has called for us, we will return one day. Handle with care %^&*# - Love Mum & Dad.”

“5813” was sent to a foster home for lost child on Dyspeth and met two Trandoshan Twins, one named Almecstuss and the other Deathstuss, they were both older than “5813” but they become very good friends. On “5813”’s birthday the foster home found someone willing to take care of her. She was adopted into what seemed to be a good home with a human mother and a human father that lived on Tatooine and were willing to adopt “5813”.

By age 10, “5813” had her tongue cut out with a broken shard of glass by her foster father when she refused to clean up a mess that he had made, almost drowned and starved to death by her adoptive mother because she thought it would “make her a proper lady.”

During her time on Tatooine she would sneak out to the market place and attempt to make friends with the other children, she became best friends with a boy she called “Crackers” because he always attempted to make a joke and even if no one else found it funny, he would laugh at it.

Crackers had the same aspirations as “5813” did but he wanted to be an Incinerator Trooper because he enjoyed burning things and breaking things. “5813” suggested that he became a Medical Trooper because he always tried to help her whenever she was abused or hurt by her adoptive family.

“5813” returned to the market place one day and was found by TK-1930, a member of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corporations.

“Hey kid, where’s your parents” TK-1930 boomed with his E-11 resting on his chest. “This market place has been claimed by the Empire”

“Sorry, I-uhh. Don’t have a family” She said hesitantly. “Could I become a trooper?”

“You’re a bit young, but you can sign up to the academy and when you are old enough you could be as big and as strong as I am” TK-1930 said with a chuckle.

“Ok, just wait here” “5813” said as she scurried off to say her last good byes to Crackers.



By age 15, “5813” had made it most of her way through the Royal Imperial Academy after enrolling with a fake name. She had found out from other students in the academy that a new student had come from the same market place on Tatooine “5813” came from and then had arrived on Coruscant, determined on finding the new student hoping they knew about has happened on Tatooine in the passing years, “5813” went through the Imperial Database of Enrolled Students and located the most recent transfers, then went to the tent where he was situated with nineteen other students.

As she entered the tent she knocked shoulders with three older students that were leaving, “5813” saw a single light behind a curtain at the back of the tent, as she approached it she saw a dark red liquid leaking on the floor and flowing into a floor grate in the centre of the tent. “5813” pulled back the curtain and saw the beaten, bruised and bleeding body of a student.

“5813” had taken an oath of silence to never speak unless the life of somebody depended on it, this time she was just pissed off. She carried the new student to the medical bay and made sure he was tended to. She didn’t think to ask him for his name during his recovery period.

The end of year test results was being delivered to the Royal Imperial Academy and “5813” was prepared to see an invitation to the Empire show up in her tent mailbox. She waited outside of her tent every day seeing all of the other students in different tests opening their results and seeing that they had been accepted as recruits onto the Emperor’s very own Star Destroyer.

She noticed that the new kid had been accepted into the Empire and that he was leaving the next day.

“5813” woke with a start, and a burning sensation spread through her body like blood seeping from an open cut. She slipped into her uniform and stepped outside her tent to see a stamped envelope sitting perfectly inside of the mailbox with “Welcome” printed in bold text. “5813” cut the envelope open and read it out loud, she finished the note and smiled and began to cry out of happiness.

*** {DA} Log 1: First day and fresh armour. ***



DT**-5813 “Loyal” was leaving for Dyspeth the next day with a squad of four (including herself) to handle some business. The squad consisted of Death Trooper Walker, Ice and Cloud. “5813” didn’t disclose a lot of information to the squad other than location, target and ETA.

*** {DA} Log 19: I am leaving for Dyspeth tomorrow. ***

Loyal wakes with a start, and a burning sensation spread through her body like blood seeping from an open cut. “5813” is one of the more naïve Death Troopers, there was a simulation being held on board where a cloaker was “stealing information,” Loyal having dealt with a real cloaked hostile situation in the past knew this was a simulation and decided it was a good choice to question the cloaker and follow them until they “left” the ship, unaware of the future repercussions.

*** {DA} Log 7: We had a cloaked rebel attack recently. They didn't last long. ***

“Trooper 5813 report front and centre of the DS-01 immediately!” the commander shouted from across the battle-station.

The commander stripped the pauldron from the shoulder of “5813” and forced her to do 1,000 laps of the “Developer’s System” carrying a storage container full of ammunition and protein powder above her head before she left for the mission in approximately six hours from the current time. This meant she had to complete each lap in 21.6 seconds then have time to make it to the ship.

*** {DA} Log 12: I have reached the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. ***

The squad were already in a reclaimed freighter in the main DS-01 Hangar, awaiting “5813” to board the ship then to drive it to the destination. Loyal knowing her way around the station was able to finish the laps and get her previously confiscated knife from the commanders table.

 *** {DA} Log 4: My blood-stained knife was confiscated. ***

“5813” saluted to the commander and the majors through the front window of the freighter then departed from the DS-01 with the squad.

*** {DA} Log 21: I am leaving the DS-01 for the last time, we are moving location. ***

| [DT] *PINGING MESSAGE* Sir, I have left the station and I am now travelling to Dyspeth. I will see you when I return. Handle with care. Love Loyal |

*** {DA} Log 22: We are about to land on Dyspeth, I will see you soon C*^&#@rs ***



Loyal wakes with a start, and a burning sensation spread through her body like blood seeping from an open cut. Loyal is having a meeting with the lord today, after their first confrontation they are on bad terms.

A dry, firm hand drags Loyal in cuffs away from the grimy safety of the cell and thrusts them roughly towards the exit. Outside, the awaiting speeder has its engine running and a seat is waiting. The driver upfront is studying instructions on a data pad, Loyal could sense this was her only chance to escape. The roads in front of them was empty, the air is still as she began to creep stealthily towards a thin sliver of alleyway to her right. Just as Loyal is about to break into a sprint, the shadow of a cloaked figures blocks the path. Loyal is hopeless and helpless. Loyal is soon to be condemned.

“Why am I here?” Loyal shouts out. “What have I done?” As the door of the freighter slams behind them. The red eyes of the cloaked figures ricochet off the mirror and pierce her core. Through a window, the distant sound of an AAT Battle Tank roars, mockingly. The thick sand fills Loyal’s armour through a gap in the ship’s vents. The captors turn off the main road and they approach an opening; the dropship comes to a halt. Loyal’s heart rate increases substantially.

They drag Loyal up a long winding staircase with uneven stone steps, Loyal’s legs begin to give way. The hard walls press coldly on either side of Loyal’s larger physique and the scent of rotting corpses and tainted blood fills her throat.

A gentle voice echoes out from the antechamber.

“You’re late. You must go straight in and get to your knees,” it whispers. Then with a menacing grin “Don’t look at them in the eyes” Drained of energy, the captors wilt and shuffle Loyal towards another door, the captors take a step back and two guards take their place.

“Don’t do this” Loyal states with a sudden burst of confidence as they approach the sand covered carpet.

The cloaked figures turn inwards and take off their robes, “Loyal, it’s us” Almecstuss says with a smile, Deathstuss pipes up “We need to get you out of here.”

Almecstuss hands Loyal an E-11D with 53 rounds in the magazine, the group storms down the stairs with guns at the ready, Deathstuss creeps up behind the cloaked figure in the antechamber and places a blade to his throat, “Keys. Now” he demands. The cloaked figure pulls at the keys as the blade in lunged into the cloak figures jugular, the cloaker left gurgling on his own blood.

Loyal and Almecstuss arm both sides of the exit as Deathstuss launches into the door tearing it from the hinges.

“Four armed guards up ahead,” Almecstuss chirps out “on the count of thr-“ 

Loyal opens fire on all four guards using 13 blasters bolts in the process. “-Or we can do it that way” Almecstuss says with disappointment on his face.

The group boards the freighter and Loyal checks the amount of rocket fuel in the ship, “We have enough to get to Naboo, everyone ready?”

The door of the freighter is sealed shut by the locking mechanism. The group straps in with Loyal piloting the ship, the freighter begins to take off from the ground.

The sound of an AAT Battle Tank is grinding closer as the freighter begins to leave the atmosphere, Almecstuss calls out “Loyal, we’ve got tanks approaching” as he pears out of the ship’s windows. The AAT Battle Tank comes to a screeching halt, as the barrel of the tank focuses in on the freighter. “It’s charging up to fire at us, boss!” Deathstuss calls out from the back of the freighter. The AAT Battle Tank fires off a round at the ship nearly connecting with it, Loyal pulls the ship directly upward and begins climbing to the maximum speed, the tank sends out five more rounds narrowly missing the exterior of the freighter. The AAT Battle Tank stalls as the ship exits the atmosphere of Dyspeth and the group begins their journey towards Naboo.

This is 1,968 words. Enjoy the read.

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9 hours ago, Bailey said:

Is some good stuff, but aren't you a medic now?

Shhhhhh, the man has an intricate backstory don't hate.


8 hours ago, Bailey said:

You gotta do your Medic backstory now then. Smh.

Agreed, plus one for this.

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