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Hello IG!

Recently I have been playing SWTOR when no one is on the server and was wondering if anyone would like to join me! Currently I am playing on Satele Shan on both Imperial and Republic side. @Kestoren and @Fluro have joined me already, go ahead and leave your IGN if you are interested. I may do some streaming for this game as well, got a pretty steady viewership from this the other day.

(On another topic, if anyone wants to just chill, let me know, I am down for whatever during the day/night. This can be anything from modded MC/Terraria to EA SWBF2)

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1 minute ago, Bailey said:

 I wish SWTOR wasn’t legit just “buy premium subscription for fun time” otherwise I’d play the sh*t out of it.

I feel they got a bit better, they made the premium DLCs free so you can play its content

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