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The Real Project R

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For those of you who weren’t there (brownie points for those who were), 2 years ago I commissioned Lord Trilobite to create the Delta Class T3C Shuttle, more commonly known as Krennic’s Shuttle. 



It's been used by several directors over the years and in my opinion, was a worthwhile investment. This time around, I’ve decided to commission the ship responsible for one of my favourite clips in rogue one (https://gyazo.com/fa25ce7befee7f6adda969ed6e7f8ec7) the Tie Reaper. Unlike Krennic’s shuttle, this attack lander will be very maneuverable and hopefully able to tactically deploy troops in combat. While it's not much at the moment, here are some early early pictures and early pictures.










For more information about the Tie Reaper: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/TIE/rp_Reaper_attack_lander


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