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Forum rules

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  1. Be respectful to all members. Everybody is to be treated as equals.
  2. Post threads/thread replies etc in the appropriate sections.
  3. Do not post external links to other websites that contain malware/warez/pornography/game cheats/third party programs etc. If you are unsure if a link is okay, get an Staff member to approve it.
  4. Do not attempt to exploit any plugins or services on the forums. If you find a bug, you can report it via the forums or disclose it privately to a staff member.
  5. Do not use any racism whatsoever. No warnings will be given.
  6. Do not use extremely offensive language.
  7. Do not harass or attack other members or other communities.
  8. Do not post private information another member (including names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures, IP addresses etc).
  9. Do not impersonate other members and especially admins.
  10. Do not advertise other services/servers or websites.
  11. Do not excessively use large font.

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