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After @Sully denied my application to leave the server I am being forced back to IG... yay?

But in all seriousness after a brief break I'm back, I left out of boredom, then realized how much more bored I was without IG. I've spent time with old friends away from IG but everywhere I go I see things that remind me of IG, be it the little notices that someone from IG is playing Garry's Mod, or a new message in an old IG discord about some of the antics going on. And while I could avoid it, there's no point as IG was my home and will be once more. It'll be a pleasure to see you guys around on the server, and hopefully I can find a good regiment that's accepting of me, and of course if you think I'd be interested I'm open to ideas, of course I do have intentions, but they can always change.

See y'all on the server

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16 hours ago, Ragdig said:

Guten tag! Ich bin Ragdig. Wie gehts?


That's all the German I know 

I did it in high school, so naturally its all how to swear at the teacher

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