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CSGO Grand Final Winners and more

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After all the matches played, after the elimination games, we now have the Imperial Gaming 2019 CSGO Champions...
They are...

Hectic Ethnics

Congratulations to this Team! They will be given their prize!

The Grand Final had Heartless Anarchists facing-off Hectic Ethnics, these were the scores: 

Game 1- Inferno [Hectic Ethnics: 16 | Heartless Anrachists: 14] 
(STATS: https://popflash.site/match/722776)


Game 1- Mirage [Hectic Ethnics: 16 | Heartless Anrachists: 9] 
(STATS: https://popflash.site/match/722776

Now that the Imperial Gaming CSGO Tournament is over, the next community event is now being planned. More information on the next community event will be posted at a later date once plans are more finalised. However to peak interest of community members on what it may be, Mincecraft is being considered as the game of choice amongst other games such as Empire at War and so on, so get keen for it! There also may be once again prizes as well. Please be patient for it and thank you to all those that participated in the CSGO Tournament. 

Thanks all!
~ Welshy


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6 minutes ago, Rickle said:

The Hectic Ethnics take the W. gg to HA games were intense and we had to sweat it lol.

Bro that first Inferno match 16 - 14, actually had me sweating bullets.

When Fizzy was playing with chickens omfg.

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Yeah the boys, It was a pleasure playing and it was a really fun tournament playing with our counter parts and getting our team together most days for some practice sessions and CSGO comps, Overall a really nice experience!

Heres some shoutouts:

@Imposing @Welshy Thank you both for organising this competition all of us within the Hectic Ethnics appreciate it and thanks specifically Imposing for those tuff games against you.

@Rickle Literally the actual captain of the team, You were a god send and we couldn’t have done it without you <3

@Bailey Your motivational speeches in our final matches were crucial towards the moral of the team, you the best.

@wflizzi F*** your chickens.

@Vadrian You did aight in the games I guess. <3

@Shepard Sorry you couldn’t make it to the finals but your effort and dedication towards the team throughout the comp as well as being there for training n stuff was crucial towards our progression.

@Delta Thanks for subbing in last minute for one of our games sand man <3

Hectic Ethnics are lookin forward to the next comp!

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1 hour ago, Dirthi said:

Kinda makes the ISB vs Hectic Ethnic's 16-14 game seem a little more of an impressive effort

Don't you mean the 16-4 game buddy?


23 minutes ago, Rickle said:

Much Respect. <3

Couldn't even tell us the right times 5pm what a liar

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