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Drink Preferences?

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Cold Drink
Chocolate Milkshake

Iced Coffee


Hot Drink

PG Tips (English Tea)

Hot Chocolate



Soft Drink
DR Pepper



Hard Drink

Jack Daniels

Captain Morgan

Redbull Vodka

(yea only really like bourbons with the 1 exception)

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Ngl I only drink Star bucks 







Coke, Pepsi max, milk, lemonade and water 


Hot chocolate, mocha, espresso and hot water 


Wine at church.



Soup and water from Coburg. 

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Cold Drink
Water is an unspoken one, unless ur allergic or something Idk.
Call me basic, but vanilla milk/thick shakes are good as long as the vanilla flavouring/syrup isn’t used, can’t stand that crap.
Aranciata Rossa (Best thing to compare it to is Fanta but bitter.)

Hot Drink
Hot Chocolates


Hard Drink

Don’t really like a lot of alcoholic drinks, but when I do it’s typically Jack Daniels and Coke or Canadian Club.

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