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I am Ragnar! You will see me around in Regional Government on the server as R(agnar) Indellon. I handle the finances on board the ship as well as work on spreadsheets when needed. Many people know me already, but that won't stop me from meeting someone new in game! If you see me, go ahead and approach me and have a chat, I love meeting new people. If I seem a little out of it or just really quiet for a bit, most likely I am not sober. I am functioning during this time but it can sometimes be difficult to enunciate what I need to. I also do frequent streams outside of GMOD so if I am not on the server, I could be streaming. Feel free to post here your in game name and a bit about who you are and I will see if I can get to know you better!

For those of you who already know me, hello there!  How has your day been?

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Posting stuff on the forums at 4:14AM on a school night smh ragnar.

Anyway hows it goin! and to answer your question my day (night) has been quite stressful but overall good, first day of school to look forward to and I have to finish an assignment that was due last term.


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Budget cutter, that's what he is kids 

Don't listen to him the system is a lie 


But for real this guy's a hecking legend.

My days alright I'm thinking about what to do on the server.

Because idk what I'm doing anymore 

From a RP perspective not ooc 

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