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[EVENT] Transcript of 04-24C

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During an attempt at investigating a, for lack of a better term, zombie virus on the planet Radon IV, the troopers of the ISD 'Chimaera' are ambushed by members of the Zann Consortium, revealing that the entire infection of the city was a trap. Revealing that the Zann Consortium has access to a strain of this virus and have weaponized it into a bio-weapon.

What you are about to see is the transcript of an audio log made by an ISB Agent on the field of battle during the entire event.

This forums post is simply exposition for an event chain for those who missed it. Information given to you in this forums post may not be used in-character.



[Begin Log]

Numerous blaster shots and explosions are heard in the background, followed by the sound of the harsh winds of Radon IV.

“If you expect me to sit down and write a report in this condition, you’re very much wrong. I am, in no way, going to risk my life by sitting idly somewhere typing on a datapad. The dead are literally running around as I speak."

Sounds of turbolaser blasts impacting the ground are heard in the nearby vicinity.

"Then we have these blasted nerf-herders vaporizing us with bombardment after bombardment of turbolaser fire. HOLD THE PERIMETER. Let those necrotic bastards in and we'll return in body bags if they don't defile our corpses first. Anyways, the situation is not looking good at all. We are LOSING this battle and the only hope for survival is if the Chimaera responses to our distress signal, or the past five."

The sound of a blood-curdling scream, followed by laughing-turned-crying is heard. It begins to get louder as if it was approaching closer towards the recorder.

"Kill it! Kill it now! Situation? We are outnumbered and outgunned. Yes, OUTGUNNED. The infected bastards, as stated in the virus' file, still possess the cognitive function to use blasters and weapons. Can they aim any good? Debatable. But can they shoot and-or kill? Abso-bloody-lutely. 

I don't know what the hell this virus is. But I am more than positive that I KNOW where, or should I say, who it came from. The virus infects the host's lungs, and somehow, in some odd way, shuts down the entire host and control its nervous system. And I should've known it was a blasted BIO-WEAPON."

More turbolasers are heard blasting the ground. The sound of structures collapsing and debris forming is heard afterwards. Unidentified modulated voices are heard from afar.

"We thought it would be a simple operation, reach the planet, reach the town, clear out any infected and rescue the Imperial citizens. When we got here, there were no Imperial citizens to save. The whole town and its citizens were wiped out. Wiped out for around 10 minutes until they all decided to wake up and eat anything with a face on it. When we arrived, Imperial troopers were swarmed by all the walking corpses. We tried sending out two AT-ST walkers out there, it killed off a decent chunk from the horde, but then the necros, yeah I reckon we'll call them necros, swarmed the Scout Walkers and completely tore it to pieces. We brought two AT-ATs for this mission, the necros climbed all over one of them and tipped it over. There were so many of them, it's not even funny. I saw, with my very own eyes, an Imperial walker getting taken down by screaming corpses."

More modulated voices are heard in the background. Identified to be in Galactic Basic Standard. A louder modulated voice is heard, followed by shots coming from A280c blaster rifles.

"You hear those guys? They're the bantha in the room. They appeared mid-way through the battle with a small fleet of various frigates and corvettes. Mandalorian corvettes, old separatist frigates, even some ships that the Empire use. We were caught off-guard, we didn't expect hostile ships. Then dozens of them, defilers, consortium defilers, jumped out of the ships. They all glided across the field and gunned down the troopers one by one while in the air. Their bright red armour and stupid modulated voices, we didn't stand a chance. They pushed us back to the LZ, and look at us now! We only have a couple of dozen men left and are holding off a few dozen dead guys, and a few dozen more defilers."

The speaker stops speaking for the next 15 seconds. The background is still filled with explosions, screaming, and blaster fire.

"Of course it had to be the Zann Consortium... Who do we have left? Half of the original amount of Storm Commandos are present, led by Brigadier Corvo. I still see at least two squads of stormtroopers, both led by Major Starkey. Three Imperial ARC troopers are present. A singular medic is still with us. We have a couple of pilots from Banshee Squadron and Hammer Squadron. Then last but not least, we have the major generals, Theta and Loki, with their 996th Imperial guards.”

A TIE Fighter roars in the distance.

“Operative Kowalski is currently on the field with a quarter of a squad of stormtroopers. He’s trying to salvage any data he could get his hands on from the wrecked Munificient-class frigates. By the Emperor, I hope they manage to get something out of this debacle. The generals and I will be speaking about a possible mean of evacuation. This audio file will be transmitted to the ISB database on the DS-01 immediately… Just in case we don’t get out of this alive.”


[End Log]


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