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Wow so much post huh?


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Oh my goshness hey there besties,

So if you were paying attention to my post count, as bestfriends do ;) you've surely been watching how it has been ever increasing! I am glad to be one of the big forum kids with 1000 posts now!
 I've always looked up to big big post fathers such as @Delta and @Bailey and they have just inspired me to be who I am today (a big forum kid). 

*Gets on stage to recieve award*
(Heres my speech - Also that award is real minecraft gold)

First I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point.
Being nominated for and recieving this award was truly unexpected, standing up here feels unreal.
*Start Crying*
This is not my award, this is your award. You are the people who have helped me, the people I do this for.
I'd like to thank Naboocci® for the constant support and the Sanders family for being my light in the darkness.
I'd like to thank most of all the people who have made threads and posts I can comment back on especially the $H1T posts.
Overall its been real lit, you guys are my fam, sisters, bros, tea spillers, croissant eaters and lovelies.
*Stops Crying*
From being negative reputation status to now being loved, its a mission complete.
Thankyou guys, Gang Gang UwU.

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