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Sully asks... (4OCT19)


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Hey All,


Now that I am back I want to get back into asking questions frequently to you all in order to engage and promote conversations within the members of the community about random topics. This week I have personally been diving more into the world of music having purchased a few CD's (yeah I said CD's, sorry my cars not fancy) for my car to blast on the way to work in the mornings and on the way home in the afternoon. With this in mind I thought what better to make my first question back than a music related question, this one however is more of a two-parter;

  1. Who is/What is your favourite Artist/Band?
  2. What are some songs you currently enjoy listening to?


I'll start us off by answering the questions myself;

  • My favourite group for years now has been Hilltop Hoods. I was so looking forward to finally seeing them live this year when they did their Great Expanse tour however was unable to go due to the timing of the concert and the fact that flights to Perth to watch the concert would have been way to expensive.
  • The CD's that I mentioned buying above uncoincidentally were all of the Hilltop Hoods albums, so as expected I love all of the Hoods songs.

I hope these questions provide some good little points to get you all talking and potentially share some new music and introduce each other to some songs they may not have heard (I already know @Rivers is going to say Weezer for Q2). I look forward to reading the replies and potentially finding some new songs for my spotify Playlist. :P




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Ah yes

sully likes asking the questions 

The R/askig brand will see you in court ;)

Well I really like Paul Kelly, he's a good singer and is probably my favourite Australian artist. 

Im currently listening to a lot of Rolling Stones because I like it. I like it because it sounds good to me And than that's what is good. If it sounds good to you, then you can like the song. Brown sugar and start me up are my favourites.

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Favourite band is definitely Between the Buried and Me, been my fav since probably 2010ish. Super proggy, pushes a lot of musical boundaries, everyone in the band is an absolute machine. Definitely not easy listening, and definitely not for everyone. Every song is a clinic on how to fit as many time signatures, genres and insane licks into it as possible while remaining musically coherent.

Lately I've been particularly been enjoying

Van Morrison's version of Midnight Special

Some classic Janis Joplin

Karnivool is always gettin' jammed, the Sound Awake album lives in my car

And really been spinning a lot of King Crimson's Discipline album lately, really experimental stuff with fun social commentary


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Q1. Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, Palaye Royale, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, E^st (damn she’s amazing) and Radiohead for sure.

Q2. Weezer’s “The End Of The Game”, The album “NINE” by Blink 182 and the album “Life Ain’t Always Roses” by E^st.

You know me too well @Sully

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