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On 10/3/2019 at 11:22 AM, Kristofer said:

Hi all,

It’s been a year. One whole year on Imperial Gaming. Quite unbelievable that I managed to stay this long. It’s been a wild ride and I honestly don’t know where to begin. 
I suppose we’ll start from the very beginning. 

The Beginning

Before I joined Imperial Gaming, I practically stopped playing Garry’s Mod. I had around 300 hours on it before joining, now I have around 2300 hours. Before joining Imperial Gaming, I used to be a staff member for a small Australian community called Pantheon. I had the role of a moderator for their servers on a game called SCP: Secret Laboratory. It’s a pretty fun game, clocked up around 430 hours of it till I got burnt out due to lack of new content. I was also, conveniently, a Discord Moderator for the Official SCP: Secret Laboratory discord server and managed to get promoted to an Admin position due to me being the only adequate, non-spastic on their staff team. 

Eventually, a friend of mine introduced me to Star Wars RP and told me to join Imperial Gaming. Initially, I thought the idea of “Star Wars Roleplay” was funny, and didn’t think anyone would actually take that seriously. Regardless, I decided to join the server. I still remember the very first voice I heard when I loaded in, it was that of a certain Staff Sergeant from Vader’s Fist: Staff Sergeant VF “Rivers”. I still remember being trained as a recruit and taking a tour around the ship, only to get lost after the tour finished. (2AM German kid @Rivers)

The 212th Attack Battalion 

The next day, I was approached by Master Sergeant 2274 - Braino of 212th. He asked me whether or not I wanted to join 212th, I obliged and tried out for the regiment. I honestly believed I wasn’t going to make it in, that tryout was the most intense thing I could recall. (Backstreet Boys but yellow @Braino)

When I joined a regiment on the server, I felt as if I needed to put more time onto the server. At first I attempted to balance my activity in 212th and my activity on SCP, but eventually I decided that I can’t do both. That is when I resigned from my moderator position, that is also where I resigned from my Discord Admin position, and just like that, I became full-time Star Wars RP.

I fell in love with Imperial Gaming. The community, the experience, the RP that it provided to me. I absolutely loved the events that happened, I still remember the very first event I was apart of. I was amazed by the quality of the Event Character AI, then eventually realize they weren't AI. 

This was when the little things were great. I remember my promotion to lance corporal, how exciting that was. Don't get my started on sergeant.

The Imperial Security Bureau

ISB is where my time on IG really began to change, morph into something far more distinct from what I expected from Star Wars RP. I first met the ISB as a 212th Coproral. My entire regiment was executed on the spot by Imperial Death troopers, and my commander was dragged away in cuffs. He came back an hour later with a one rank demotion. (smh @Joel) (Killed my commander @Camaro)

This was when I began to fear the ISB. This was when I learnt to respect authority.

Eventually, I gained enough self-esteem to apply of the ISB. I got that self-esteem from getting promoted by Major General Hammer to the rank of staff sergeant. Yes, Hammer indirectly got me into ISB. 

Took me ages to write up a sufficient ISB application. It was pretty thrilling. I didn't think I would get into the regiment. Fast forward a week and a half later, I get called to ISB HQ. That is where Director Krennic himself attempted to break me and corrupt me into the ISB. Then I got in, and that is where Master Operative Kristofer appeared. I remember my first few documents I wrote, they were piles of hot steaming garbage. Then I improved overtime. 

Fun fact, prior to joining ISB, I was incapable of speaking or writing in English as well as I can now. ISB, whether directly or indirectly, helped me improve my general English and vocabulary. Maybe it's not much, maybe it's far-fetched, but ISB has an incredibly special place for me. Second regiment on the server, most likely the very last. ISB has provided me with RP that I would never have expected to enjoy, document writing. 


Now, it's been a little over a year. I still enjoy IG, I still enjoy the community. I have had my rise and falls during my time. But I'm glad for them, they help me improve and change. I've changed a lot since I first joined, for better or worse. ISB and EMing plays a prominent part in that change. 


And with all that said, everyone, I will be leaving the community. It's been a fun ride, but alas- 

I'm joking, don't worry. 

Have a good day.



Happiness noises

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