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Im Back... Again


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Hey All,


For those who don't know me, my names Sully, I've been involved with the Imperial Gaming community since mid 2017 and have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people within the community. Several months ago however I had to sadly leave the community as a result of the large amounts of stress and pressure that came with Year 12, as a result I had to also resign from my roles in the Staff team, support team and media team. Now after finally graduating, I am pleased to say I will be making a return to the community I have missed so much. I hope to get to see all of the old faces who are still around as well as get to know all the new ones as well.


I look forward to yet again getting involved with the community and doing my best to help and assist the players as best as I can because that's what I am all about, get ready for me to continue my constructive sh*tposting on the forums and make a crap load more documents and get back into the PaperworkRP I love and have missed so much.




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Just now, Kurt said:

I'd tell ya to come back to the Media Team... but we disbanded.

I'd tell ya to join the Designing Team... but we don't have much work anymore.


But welcome back ya goose!

I know, I've popped by the forums here and there to try and keep in the loop and saw the Media Team were no more. Sad to see it go, some good work was done there.


Thank you ya goose!

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6 hours ago, Luigi said:

Holy Moly, the Prodigal son returns..

Welcome back my guy.


5 hours ago, Wombatiacus said:

The Messiah has returned to us :D Welcome back buddy <3


44 minutes ago, Dirthi said:

toxic monkey man

Welcome Back Sully, we've missed you


Dad? Mum? Son?

I have returned for you! Look forward to making more memories with all you absolute chads!

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