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Changing up Inferno Squad


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  • No one should be removed just so others can join. If you want the slot, be patient.
  • No new slots to Inferno Squad, that just turns it into an Inferno Regiment ultimately decaying the 'elite' engraved in its name.


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  • The members of Inferno Squad should not be punished for being dedicated members of their regiment, the users who have acquired their roles have done so by proving themselves worthy and there is no real reason to remove them. If you are looking to join Inferno you best bet would be to speak to the commander of the regiment (whom I now believe is Alystair) and apply for a role so that when a slot becomes available you are able to be considered.
  • My negative stance also goes to the suggested idea within the thread to increase the slots within the Inferno regiment, as it stands today, Inferno is a small tight nit elite special operations regiment consisting of only the Lore roles keeping the regiment itself lore friendly. Increasing the slot size of the regiment, whilst it may be good for newer members to join the regiment brings with it new issues, those issues being:
    • Newly created slots would not be lore characters therefore tarnishing the lore friendly aspect the regiment currently holds.
    • Additional slots would mean the loss of the 'Special Operations' title and essentially just turning Inferno into any old regiment.
    • Additional slots would only further increase the amount of users within ISB (considering Inferno are essentially just a sub-branch within ISB in terms of the Imperial Gaming server)
    • Additional slots would mean a more distributed amount of RP to more users meaning each of the Inferno members would have less they are able to do, this is a negative considering some of the times Inferno need more to do as is.

The above is purely my view on the matter, regardless of the outcome in terms of slots/sizing I hope the members of the regiment are not punished for remaining loyal to the regiment as this would take away the incentive for users to want to join the regiment in the first place as they would then assume that they too would be removed at some point allowing for minimal progression.




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