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Probably the best week for free games

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So @Bailey and I have a habit of posting free games, and as such I feel it's right for me to leave this here. From now to the 26th of September, Epic Games have both the Batman Collection and the LEGO Batman Collection (worth around 60 bucks each) available on store for free in celebration of batman week.  

On top of that, for installing the Rockstar Launcher on your desktop, you have a limited time to add a free copy of GTA: San Andreas to your library on their new launcher. Links will be posted below.




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50 minutes ago, Bailey said:

BLYAT. Listen here @Jye I need to get 2000 upvotes, and now you've done me like this.

You listen here mate, you already got more upvotes with that comment than I did with this post. You should be thanking me 

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