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Haruun Myers/Death Trooper 2000 "Kobe"

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ISB agent Lincoln Myers was a man who specialised in torture. His method was to create a system of anti-habit, where his victims would be starved in cages, whipped against walls. They weren't permitted breath, lowering and heightening the oxygen in the pressure chambers he put them in; making their blood rush to only collide with the false peace that would follow. He reeducated more than 600 rebels this way. He wasn't permitted to be off-duty for longer than two weeks a year but he always did his best to see his children every month and would speak to his wife through a holo-pad when he had time to eat. Although his job was tough he could always talk about the little things he thought would make her smile, like the child stealing an apple from a Toydarian on Tatooine who he had hid in an ISB cargo shipment - he was welcomed three days later to Naboo's orphanage.


Rebel 10999 Re-education/Interrogation Logs

Agent Lincoln: Good morning young whipper snapper. You want to tell us about where you came from now?

Rebel: I forgot. Maybe the answer is down... is under that cloth *sobbing*.

Agent Lincoln: You think so huh? Well you can have a long look if you don't start talking.

Rebel: You mother******!! You think I'm a ****ing traitor!!!

Agent Lincoln: No. You're an unfortunate man to happen upon these circumstances - I know from experience. You'll probably be taken in by the storm trooper corps if you cooperate, they're always looking for more foot soldiers. 

Rebel: Really? I... don't want to die.

Agent Lincoln: Of course, it's only standard procedure. They'd want someone willing to show some loyalty to the empire. But you need to give me the location.

Rebel: Okay, we're stationed at the northwestern sector of Jigilio. We have mostly heavy troopers.

Agent Lincoln: I'm happy you cooperated. Anything further to say?

Rebel: What...

*IT-O droid approaches rebel*

Agent Lincoln: Sorry but we can't take any chances. You have to feel the right amount of pain, my friend.

[End Log]


 Maria, had borne their son from 30 BBY to the 20th day of the Naboo solar cycle, 29 BBY; he was named after Lincoln's homeworld: Haruun. At birth he was enhanced with advanced microbes that would boost his natural immune system. Maria managed this side of their lives, maintaining the daily procedures and protecting their son while Lincoln at this time worked as a construction manager on Naboo. He was nursed by his mother's breast milk but she would take nutrient pills and injections to heighten the effect it had on their son. Lincoln wanted his son to be a strong engineer so he could earn himself the position Lincoln had reached, and seven weeks before Haruun's birth he was arguing for this, "We should be giving him the best nutrition either way Maria! If we don't he won't have what it takes to make it in this world."

"But how do we know he can take it?! He's just a baby, this is ridiculous!" She exhales and continues, "Why do you want to do this?"

"If I don't get this going he won't perform at his best. Training is a body drainer and I never had that sort of natural talent, but he can. I know it will have side effects but people have no respect for the weak."

"Well, you would never take it too far right?"

"I don't want to kill our son. I'm not some madman. I want what's best for him and he'll need the physical ability to back that up. He'll be alright, after all he is my son."

 Lincoln Myers always protected his identity as he had a sense of freedom he would pass down onto his son. After six months he was brought to Naboo where he was scanned by doctors for any defects. They discovered he had a small tumour on his shoulder. However, his body naturally destroyed the tumours as he was discovered to have the MTR1067 gene, which would cause proteins to become self-destructive enzymes when they came into contact with tumours - influenced by the augmented DNA of the tumour cells. This took a small toll on his body but the nutrition provided to him, strengthened his cells allowing him to resist his disease. He was able to walk a week after that. Maria excitedly took holographs sending them to Lincoln who was off-world when it happened. He replied through hypertext, "Lol cute." A decade later, Lincoln was beginning to associate with the ISB, and within a year became a 2nd lieutenant (18 BBY). He was recognised for his exceptional talent in interrogation and his work in operations that built the foundations for the reputation of the organisation, working alongside the future Director Krennic in brief moments - he plateaud at captain, unable to accept further responsibility due to his family obligations.

 His son Haruun was admired by the other boys for his developed arms and legs - and the girls for abs and handsome face -, approaching only eleven years old. He had an IQ of 135 at this point and was praised for his teacher for being a fast worker and a good problem solver. Lincoln had been lying to him about his job this entire time, but not his wife. His son aspired to join his father and become a proud engineer, disinterested in the management side of things. He would be found on late nights in the mechanical store, enjoying the sparks flying off of whatever he was making. Most of them were failures but slowly he was building his knowledge of mechanics. He began project T.A.R.Z.A.N at age 12, which involved him building a grappling hook which used magnetic force to allow him to swing through the city like a monkey. Of course it failed as he couldn't find a suitable power source but he did manage to swing his shoulder off its hinge. He was taken to the hospital after this and his tumours began to resurface in response to the injury. He had to have genetic recombination surgery to all his cells, which took three months in a coma and nanobot injections. This removed his genetics that gave him the disease, weakening the effects of his DNA on his muscular development but speeding up his recovery rate.

 He entered a marathon which circled the entire city of Naboo, wanting to test himself. He called his father that day but he didn't pick up, and he tried again and again until he could see no point in continuing. He was now 13 years old but 6"4. He ran night and day, collapsing in exhaustion halfway but continuing after rest. He finished the race but came 17th due to his mistake. His father then made a surprise visit to him and his mother but he was too ashamed to tell him anything about the race. Eventually Lincoln found out after visiting his school on parent-teacher interviews night. As they were walking back to his hovercar he said, "Lincoln, you know your mother and I love you even if you fail sometimes right?"

"Yeah but it was just so..."


"No, I just couldn't let people see me talking about my losses. It makes it look like they don't mean anything to me."

"Everyone loses kid, just remember, the only losers are of-"

"-Hubris yeah yeah."

 They stare at each other smiling and enjoy the ride home with the stars glowing in the evening. Haruun continued his engineering projects for another 3 years making significant improvements and building his own hovercar, which was an impressive custom Hovervan - he'd needed the help of some talented classmates. He entered it for the Super Mechanic World Cup and won third place, placing behind someone who built a sixteen legged machine with only three AI and a portable species identifier, which worked at a record 0.016 seconds. A year later his father took him off-world to the ISB HQ, when he thought he was only being taken to see the construction site. There his father revealed the truth to him and although Haruun was upset, he understood. That was when he was entered into the Death Trooper Program and began receiving body enhancements. His natural strength intended for an engineer's role would now serve him well in the upcoming future. After two years of surgeries and training he was thinking of a callsign. He went with his father to have dinner and while at their table he collapsed to the floor and died of a heart attack. His wagyu beef steak was on his plate, and so he chose the name "Kobe" to always remember the sacrifices his father made for his family, and to strive to lead a life as he did - he painted stripes across his helmet to symbolise the grill pattern of meat.

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21 hours ago, Proto_Carl said:

Rebel: You mother******!! You think I'm a ****ing traitor!!!

This is why the Empire hates rebels, they don't respect their bible laws. This is a christian universe/server smh smh.

Nice work on writing though <3

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