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Aight Imma head out


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Ahhh I will feel the pain in the morning but here goes. As you might now already I have left my rank (Definitely not pk'ed) and my position as Junior Event Master. This was due to G-mod taking over my life and it not becoming fun anymore. I want to prioritize my family and my life. 

Now for those Mentions.

@Gregis @Horus @JDark47 - The F**ken bois. Made my time on the server enjoyable right till the end. 
@Rad_Cop - I enjoyed guarding you since I was a PVT in CS. You will make a great GA and I wish all the best. Thanks for being a g.
@Wombatiacus - A true Aussie legend. The G.
@Cecil - Words can't describe you. But numbers can 0/10. Nah but in all seriousness you were the best GA I ever served under. Thank you my guy and one of the best Umpires around I heard. 
@Stubzy @Jaggy - The true blue lads. You were there from the very start lads. You were the absolute legends and will always be apart of the brothers.
@Splonter - Props to you for trying to warn me. Appreciate it all brother.

Those ISB guys - Lay off the lads aye? You got me, the Mega Minge. Let that be enough for ya.
@Luigi @Camaro Blue @Redzilla @Tonberry - The lad ISB. Thanks to you all for being g's. Sorry not sorry for being a Minge ;)
@Rook - A great boss. 10/10 would work under him again. Thank you for being chill with my mingy ways brother. I appreciate it. If you ever come to NZ again and you get mugged, HMU and I will knock the kid. 
@Mongo - NZ bois 4 lyfe.

@Bluey - The Best BOSSK alive on god. Loved licking your toes bb 100% would do again. You the g.
All the NAVY BOIS - Glad to be apart of the Family. Was a pleasure fighting beside you in the great NAVY vs 374th war. Will always be next to you lads. 
@Tinky - One final Winnie blue FTB.
@Basil - Almost forgot the g before I heard his obnoxious laugh. Thanks bro for everything.

Fred - The black officer brother.


@GeorgeBloon - The OG OG OG brother. You were probably my closest friend on IG and I appreciate it brother. Surely I come to Aussie and play some SaberBeat??? Sorry to do this to you whilst your not on aye.

To anyone else who felt left out I can't remember everyone. Twas a ride lads. I don't think I will ever come back. Life awaits. But as the saying goes "We all have our stops, and this is mine." Hoorah


Oh and anyone want anything from the store while i'm gone? I'll be back when you get drafted for the NFL.

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Never got to finish the event chain julius that hurts.

cheers for the blast in the team, although short lived.

all the great times in riot trying to sell bossk toenails

making my time in engineers a little more fun.

Sad to see you go but all good things must come to an end


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I'm really going to miss your friendly attitude around the server and community in general i remember starting on the server having to learn together being in nova together just our time on the server in general, also cant forget about our time on Santos either.
huge Salute to you brother good luck with your future endeavours O7.
hope to speak to you in ts in the future also.

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