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CSGO Teams and last minute sign-ups

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After the application process we have 7 registered teams!
To try even up the amount of teams I am looking to put a group together for an 8th team.
Alternatively, If you already have a team but missed the sign-up process message me on the forums for last minute sign-ups.
Today and only today.


Now that the application process is more or less finished, there will be a meeting for ALL Team Captains this Wednesday the 18/9/19 at 7PM
Join the Waiting Room to the "Community Event Manager" channel prior to it. 
This meeting we will go over when and how games will be ran, dates and some extra duties the Team Captain must do to show he can manage his team ;)


Registered Teams



Note: Team not right? Get your team Captain to message me if anything needs updating.

Hectic Ethnics

  • Splonter (Captain)                                               Emergency Players
  • Rickle                                                              Vadrian
  • Bailey                                                              Delta
  • Shepard
  • Fizzy


  • Vanilla (Captain)                                                Emergency Players
  • Tom                                                               Billybob1061
  • CptLancer                                                        Jackson22
  • Skynight2791
  • Civ0



  • Horus (Captain)                                                Emergency Players
  • George                                                           N/A                                                             
  • Renegade



  • Lochiestar12 (Captain)                                         Emergency Players
  • Fries2U                                                           AsoloRogue
  • Jaekey                                                            Arrow
  • Pheonix
  • JoshV676



Heartless Anarchists

  • Imposing (Captain)                                           Emergency Players
  • Vice                                                             Conway
  • Melodic                                                         Grant
  • Vanbar
  • Joey



Fitness Gram Pacer Test™

  • Cure (Captain)                                               Emergency Players
  • Jeb                                                             Ublermelon
  • Ragnar                                                         
  • Stathi
  • Dax Star


Sith Boi

  • Stubzy (Captain)                                          Emergency Players
  • Matrix                                                       Basil
  • Jaggy                                                        Ballsy
  • Iris
  • Braino


Indian School Of Business

  • Arkan (Captain)                                           Emergency Players
  • Tank                                                         Max
  • Dirthi                                                        Nick
  • Yuri
  • Camaro




















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The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

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