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The Grand Return Of Christ

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Hello my dear followers, worshipers and disciples I know I have been gone for a while but Iris the Goddess of Rainbows has returned.

with all the egotistical talk out the way, i broke my pc deleting files i shouldn't have and have now finally fixed it so i'm back... yay but yea i'm pretty hyped to be back and hop on and hang out with you all so look forward to seeing you all in game after i eventually finish downloading everything.

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Good to have you back Iris, I still remember those late night antics we got up to. Also some dumb stuff on CW, and stupid conversations about dumb/pointless things. 

Regardless, it's Good to have you back dude!

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1 minute ago, Mongo said:

careful you've angered the pac3 council



the man speaks nothing but the truth! nah but honestly everyone seems to think i'm some pac god but i would just chill and mess aroubd with different things till i liked how it looked i wasn't all that great at it i just took my time

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