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Another one bites the dust


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Cya friends,

Wanna make lifestyle changes n focus on uni n tings

@GeorgeBloon @Horus1 @Julius @JDark47 - The f**king boys. Love you all, will still be chatting to you all. You made my final months special

@Basil- Sweet kid, Big minge love you

@Gunjies- Miss you like anything, top bloke

@Cecil- Cutie, Top bloke

@Delta- I will miss you son

@Ragetank- Special sort of bloke, IG Are very lucky to have you on board thank you for teaching me so much

@Kumo @Vanilla - Thnx for teaching me too

@Rad_Cop- Cody should've listened to me. Jkkkk, be a good thrawn xox

@Bailey- My favorite Rep whore

@Camaro- You a G, only ISB that keeps a level unbiased head IMO and I love you for it (oh no controversy let’s all get scared and thinking react)



Generally thanks to everyone, it's the community that makes IG special.


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