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Dedication - An Introspect


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Hey, it's me again.

SWRP is naturally a very dedicated community. I often find myself amongst some of the most dedicated people I have ever seen in the midst of managing a regiment. I've seen a couple people's lives destroyed over this game... And their first reaction was naturally to contact this server and the people on it. For strangers over the internet, we have grown to become something much, much more. Though sometimes, I believe it is healthy for one to appreciate the lack of these means of communication, and experience what is around them.

I've preached this message for a while, I've heard it all; from the self-deprecating humor to the genuine sad countable of someone's enviroment. Though despite all of this, I do ask that you take the time to switch off your PC for 1-2 hours per day, and just take a walk, go bike, talk with people. For you introverts (which unsurprisingly is a large population on this server) this might be difficult at first. But I promise you will appreciate the seclusion of your home much more if you also experience the world outside of a stormtrooper's helmet. I really, really can't stress enough how much this has helped me through burnout, as well as generally being happy that I have this medium to speak with some of my closest friends.


In summary, take the time needed to void yourself of a couple things around you, and you will come to appreciate those things, instead of growing bored of them in abundance. 

Just a little message I wanted to spread, have fun. :)


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It is always good to go out, just go out as much as you feel you need to in order to take a break. If 30 minutes away from the Server makes you feel good, then take 30 minutes periodically. If hours at a time makes you feel good, then take hours at a time. Its your choice.

Me personally, I like to jump off the Server and meditate or go for a walk, meditation helps me with my anxiety (lets not get into that one) and depression. Which are both medically diagnosed, don't worry if anyone is curious, I do speak to people and a psychologist. Moving on.

Whatever makes you feel good, and makes you happy, do it.

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Demonic I couldn't agree more, this server literally took over my life in 2017 and 2018 mainly, I started studying for tests in game more than my actual tests in real life and at the moment I do need to spend more time on homework and studying for exams a bit more and take a break off imperial for a few hours a day but I'm slowly working to getting that to happen.

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8 hours ago, Cure said:

Trust me there will be more epic things in the future! Make sure you take care of yourself. 

Epic things happen all the time on the server, take a break, you won't miss out on any. 

Because I do events almost every day. ;)

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