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Is this Normal?

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Hey guys so recently (As of the forum Update) I have started to see weird things happening with the forums.

The most obvious of which is with the forum chatbox on the main page. After the big redesign of the forums all that I can see from the chatbox is just this message saying to load more messages.

At first I thought it was just because of the update, that it was a bug. But, it seems to be a bit random that it works and when it does its only until the pages get refreshed.

I also appear to be having problems with creating posts, using the more tab and opening any other tabs. 

I'd like to know is this jsut me or are others having this problem?

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Yes after Invisionzone updated their platform the said update broke multiple functions on the forums like dropdown menus and chatbox, these issues may differ depending on the person. If you want to see the chatbox just put a message in it and you will be able to see it until your refresh the page again. You may have to explore yourself or ask around to find other ways to get to the other bugged menus.

At the moment we have to wait for Invisionzone to push another update to fix the issues, however Wolf is very busy working a possible alternative solution.

Kind Regards Jman

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