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Apology/Upcoming stuff

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Hi all, a little random but bear with me.

Two months ago I stated that I would be leaving, but only just returned somewhat recently. Instead however, I just needed a long break because of personal reasons. It was a rash and poor decision to make at the time, farewell's should never be taken for granted so this is an apology.

I will be returning to making videos/short movies, since I enjoyed doing it and a few others did as well.  It's turned from a small hobby into something I really enjoy doing, so it's too hard to not keep going. Over the next few months I got some fun stuff I'll be working on in my spare time between uni and other commitments. 

I've attached my personal favourite short sequence with my past videos. Looking forward to recording and editing again, I'll see everyone around on the server.

- Pulse -


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Good to have you back pulse.

Seeing the  Jedi Master (Vanilla)  vsing all  the  sith without  his  Padawan  who was  off doing something completely unrelated made me laugh 

And I love all the shots  that make  the ISD look like they're in  darkness,  really adds  to  the effect of the Blasters and  Sabers.

Hope to  see some good  videos from you again.

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Hey! Welcome back my guy.

I look forward to seeing you around the server again, without the 'Lamar Davis' Soundboard. Ngl, it was a bit of a crack up.

But, most importantly, I am extremely happy to see your passion for Video making/editing hasn't changed. I look forward to seeing your productions again, were always a banger.

Once again, Welcome back mate.

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