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Droppin' In

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Hey Fellas and Fella-ettes,

After a certain closure of a certain place, I'm gonna be comin' on back for some amount of time or another. Hope to see some old faces and maybe meet some new ones! : )

Bert (Again)

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2 minutes ago, Peter said:

@bert burh today I decided to have a look at the old forums and man sh*t has gone down

Dang nammit has it ever. But all good things must come to an end. Hell, it’s end brought me to you, must be destiny.

Your suffering with me isn’t over yet. ;)

Edited by bert
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1 hour ago, Mord said:

BERT i miss your stories about getting robbed on the train

welxome back hoe when do you return to government 

Heh, got a funny story about that one, I’ll save it for now...

whenever I learn to give out the right CL tests ;)

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32 minutes ago, Delta said:

My man you have made my day with your positive comments about others and roast of Peter 


Welcome to the wholesome IG team 



we shall not say his name, for he has gone against the state

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