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CSGO Tournament and more!


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After the poll and consideration of other factors. Imperial Gaming will be hosting a CS:GO Tournament!
Sad your game didn't get selected??? Not to worry! After the CS:GO Tournament our next community event will involve Minecraft, which by the looks of the poll, will be massive! ;)
There will also be other games going forward!



Now there are a few things to mention which are more detailed in the application, however a summary of what you will require to participate in the Tournament are these:

One person to apply for the whole team (Team Captain)
5 primary players 

2 emergency players (Optional, emergency players can create/play on other teams.)
Steam Group of your team.
More details are found in the application.
Team captain's will be responsible for their team's admin duties throughout the event.


How to enter the Tournament? 
Press the link below to apply for your team!


How long will teams be able to apply? 
Teams will have 1 week to apply before applications close! Closing date is 16/9/19


How will the tournament be ran? 
Teams will organise their own dates. (e.g. Team 1 will decide on the date with Team 2 when they will play.)
There will be a week notice before any games will begin. 

(There will be a Ladder, Dates and Play-Off structure released, etc.)


Will there be prizes?
There will be prizes yes - Welshy


Have a question or concern?
Feel free to message Welshy on the forums. 


If you do not have a team but want to play, comment below you are interested and form a team of other individuals!



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