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Veles leaving


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Many people will not know me, i have played this server since i got gmod and waited 2 hours to load in only to not have space on my laptop for the content so i only got my player model. 

I am leaving to try fill a gap in the star wars rp market. A few months ago there was another star wars rp server EG. I remember playing on both servers at the same time so here is my thanm you list of people who aren't even here i reckon 

@kelly one person who isnt here i had amazing fun in reg gov with you thanks

@Jimka thank you for letting me into naval guard when that was a thing

@tyber another person to leave my commander in talon squad thank you

@Rickle ahh my favorite sith we were the only ones to survive that infection event

@Tonberry thanks for letting me have a fun time in isb i had fun when we made the training sheet

@Wombatiacus thanks for letting me join Chimaera Squad and understanding why i had to take leave

@Lachlani loved being your navg secretary your great fun and interesting gonna miss you

@Welshy thanks for letting me on the em team and giving me a chance

@Kumo thanks for letting me bounce coding ideas off you

@Roma_the_bloodlust you are and always will be my favorite Mexican

@Flipps thanks for letting me track down the rebel sts when i was rst, also making the spinning lightsaber

@Solvan thanks for letting me into shock i had a great time messing around with you

I could go on for ever with people that i played with but thank you imperial gaming and what comes next i have 100% respect for your server and never want to destroy them so if rumors come out please keep a positive image of me. I am not saying my plans for respect 

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