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Hello again, its your fellow member of IG, the one with XP RANK 154 ;) Kamelieon <3

So as most of you may know, today, the 1st of September, is Fathers Day! Which is described as "a day of the year on which fathers are particularly honoured by their children" by our trusty definition people at google.

Anyway, we are all like a big family here who can all support one another and this has all happened because of our Founding Fathers on IG and their team. So ehhh, I suck at detail but anyway........ lets get to people I'd like to APPRECIATE <3

Coming in at NUMBER 1 <3
@Kosmos is the Community Founder of Imperial Gaming and is the reason we can all be here. I'd like to thank this holy ARTIST for creating this masterpeice! I'll always remember the times you'd notice and demolish me with the superpowers you gain under 20 players ❤❤❤❤

Coming in at NUMBER 1.1 ❤
@Wolf I've only been here since August 17, 2017 so I don't know full history and how long you've owned IG so its only fair I give you 1.1 and not 2. Thankyou Wolf for building up and maintaning this Community even when it became tough around certain times (thats tea I'm not going into). You're the best 1 punch man on the server, especially when saving your fellow Imperials from the rebel hands.

Coming in at NUMBER 2 ❤
@Whitey You were there for a long time and you were someone that had to deal with me a lot, apologies xD You've done a lot for this Community and I'll never forget you!!!!!

Coming in at Number 3 ❤
ALL THE OTHERS IN MANAGEMENT ❤ Honestly, honestly. You're some of the people on the server who complete the hardest work and make the decisions while shaping the server. Thankyou for doing what you do!

There is the top top Fathers of IG, sorry for the @'s 
I do have some personal ones but they've all vanished from the Community as it was pretty long ago, anyway thankyou to all the IG Fathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Staff, Devs, and everything nice

These were the ingredients

To create the perfect SWRP Server

But Professor Kosmos accidentally added an extra line to the code...

Chemical Wolf, 

Thus, the ImperialGaming | ImperialRP | Custom Quests | Rogue One was born

Using their ultra-staff abilities

@Wolf@Whitey, and @Martibo

have dedicated most of their lives to fighting minges

and the forces of evil errors in their code.

Sorry for the tags <3



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