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Serious Roleplayer Wanted! Apply Here Now!


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Before reading on, please note that this contains MAJOR SPOILERS FOR MY UPCOMING EVENTS AND MAY RUIN YOUR EXPERIENCE!

This notice is most important for members of Imperial High Command, Navy, Government and Sith as these applications involve the revealing of important event characters.

You have been warned...











Hey everyone! 

I made it clear before becoming an Event Master that I wanted to create an expanded universe and I want to stay true to this promise by introducing new and exciting characters to the server! A number of you may already be aware of some of them as my first chapter is now in full swing and action packed but its going to need the communities help to make it even better! 

As of 29/08/19 I am in need of a dedicated, serious and willing member of the community to play as my first major character, "Archimedes" for an event chain I have created of which its first stage will play out on 31/08/19 at 8:30PM. Below is a short extract of the Archimedes backstory of which more will be explained once the lucky member has been chosen to play as them.


Archimedes the B2-Commando Droid:

This event will follow the story of a highly advanced BX-Commando Droid Archimedes, who is an espionage and infiltration expert in stealing highly advanced Imperial technology to further increase his journey to be a perfect human and destroy all affiliates of the sith and the sith themselves. Archimedes originates from the overrun, rouge droid controlled Okara Droid Manufacturing Facility of which was destroyed by the Empire, but retaken by rouge droids who formed a highly advanced droid society. Because of this attack on the facility, Archimedes has made it his mission to track down and destroy every remaining sith and anyone who affiliates with the Empire. Thanks to The Old One, Archimedes has been formed with advanced technology and has body modifications to alter his physical form and warp his voice at will to fit any language known in the universe. Archimedes was built by the The Old One as her iron fist for her initiative to rid the universe of the Empire and Sith.


The application is open to anyone on the server, but the longer you've been around and the more active you are the better!

Applications have closed and Archimedes has been chosen! Thank you to all who applied!

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27 minutes ago, Splonter said:

I really like your idea of giving members of the community the opportunity to play as a major character in events, Very nice to see!

The characters took time to create and Im not prepared to gamble them away to just anyone, so Im taking some extra thought into who really wants the role! Dont feel like this is the only one though, the next stages of the event contain much more!


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I'm all down for being a cool event character for multiple events however for this i shall keep to myself, i do not believe i have what it takes to play that kind of character properly

However next time I may consider becoming one of your future characters, I hope these events will turn out great and i cant wait to be online to witness these events.

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